Saturday, April 21, 2007

For the Fuck of It

Vanessa L. Williams Gets Naked In The May Issue Of Allure

Girl Pastor Father:"Akon Took Advantange "(NOT SO INNOCENT PICS/Video)

kon dry hump
Singer Akon Dry Humps 14 year old

Rihanna On The Set Of Her “Umbrella” Music Video

Ne-Yo Tells The Ave, He's Been On Easy Street, "I Made A Million Dollars Before Def Jam"
Ne-Yo tells The Ave magazine that: "The songwriting thing was doing really well for me. I already made a million dollars before I even got to Def Jam, so it's not like I needed what they were offering. I wanted it, but I didn't need it."
Kelis Hits Flaunt Magazine May 2007

A BILLIONAIRE has paid J-Los $3 Million to sing as a surprise for his wife’s 30th birthday. Performance
The New York Post Shows The flip side of hip-hop
Hip-hop meets activism in odd anti-Bush partnership
From Clinton, Hip-Hop Hypocrisy
'Smoking gun' tape indicts Hillary
Celtics guard Telfair arrested on felony gun charges,career may be over

Friday, April 20, 2007


Saigon, Jay-Z, & Just Blaze,:Word is Sai-gitty has enlisted Jay-Z for a track entitled Won’tcha Baby, produced by none other than Just Blaze.
Cam says he wont talk to Cops …but this POLICE REPORT says DIFFERENT/60 Minute Video

Jim Jones Jumped at Rucker Game While Camron Watches

Restraining Order Issued Against Rap-A-Lot Records Owner J. Prince
Dipset ft. Cam’ron “Suga Duga” (Video)

Dipset feat. DukeDaGod, Juelz Santana, Hell Rell, JR Writer

Yayo Sister On House Getting Shot Up:"I think they did it to send a message"
Young Buck: 'I'm Staying With G-Unit'
Shooter Lived In House Owned By Jam Master Jay,Gun May Have Been Stolen From House
Young Buck on Don Imus, country music and selling 2 million records
MySpace “Shoot The Rapper” Banners Link To Virginia Tech Shooting Victims
Jeezy & USDA On The Cover Of June's XXL;YN Says He Gonna Destroy AHH Like The Source

How to Kill HipHop

Nas Hip-Hop is Dead Concert In Detroit

a short video clip, he started doing Ether, but he cut it off and went into Black Republican.

Kanye West performs first single, "Stronger" from Graduation**

Jennifer Lopez has been paid a staggering 1 million by a Russian billionaire to perform at a private concert.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

$ex & WTF?

Father of The Year Award:Alec Baldwin’s Threatening Voicemail To His 11-Year-Old Daughter
Click The Pic to Hear this Shit:

Mrs. Huxtable:

Halle Berry Shows Her Thong

Meagan Looking Good in Black

See through skirts-just a fashion statement dont get any ideas
Beyonce SeeThru

Michelle Williams is on the cover of Time Out Chicago.
as Shug Avery in the Chicago production of “The Color Purple.”

Fantasia Takes Naughty Flicks Of Herself With Camera Phone?

Sanjaya Malakar Is Maxim.Com’s “Girl Of The Day”

Sanjaya Malakar packing his bags'American Idol' says SAYONARA SANJAYA
The douchebag plague.

Peanut Butter Jelly time

The 5 Hottest Indie Women
Jessica's nipple busts out

7 Main Breast Implants Facts
Paris Hilton And Her New Clevage

Paris Slipping Out
Paris Flashing again
Paris Hilton Gets Pranked In Columbus

“In a guerilla art campaign that lifted its major points from Banksy (the stealth replacement of a Paris Hilton object), artist Vinchen plied his trade at the Columbus, Ohio Hilton Hotel. He replaced a wall-mounted house ad with a more revealing image of the hotel heiress, in a mock ad that read: “For over 80 years, the Hilton name has been synonymous with elegance and class. A tradition that continues today.”"
Lindsay Lohan’s MySpace/GMail/Blackberry was hacked

Kate Moss gets her own Font
Britney to Paris: I Blame You!
Louis J. Pearlman: Mentor of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake On the Run
Hilton Could Be Making License Plates
Beyonce Knowles much like Rolls-Royce than Diamonds

Instead of engagement ring Jay-Z gave this fabulous car a 1959 Rolls-Royce convertible to Beyonce as her 25th birthday gift. No comment from Beyonce, speechless!
CHICO DEBARGE Was Hitting BEYONCE off Back in The Day?
Beyonce A little bit of a see thru top, very nice
Celebs Flashing
Dolly Parton Playboy Shoot
Kate Moss’ Breast Sale

Kate Moss nude portraits for sale for a mere$40k.
Controversial portrait expected to fetch between $US400,000 and $US800,000.fails to sell

Pope’s old VW fails to sell on eBay

Tiny Faberge Chair Sells for $2.28M
Vibrating Watch Alarm - Intresting to say the least
Woman Decides to Start Again After eBay Bidders Price Life at $880

Nobody Wants
Anna Nicole Smith Diaries

Is Bill Clinton to blame for Anna Nicole Smith?

Jessica Biel’s Facial Hair Fetish
That the woman wants from the man
The Office star strips for charity

The Office star Jenna Fischer has taken her clothes off alongside stars Heidi Klum and Denise Richards to help raise money for charity.
Singapore censors films over sex and religion
Trump's Gift to Babwa: Rosie's Underwear from "Exit to Eden"
Tyra Bank’s panty party.

Jessica Alba's Panties Sell Good Luck Chuck

Jessica Alba wears white panties

Jennifer Love Hewitt Showing Her Love For Hanes,on hand to help celebrate the opening of Hanes’ first limited engagement boutique in L.A

Victoria's Posh $4000 on Panties
Sex Tape Shelved -- MTV Star Is "Severely Disappointing"

Want to Learn the Secret Technique to Seduce Girls?
10 most sexual machines 2007!

Officials Refuses to Turn Over Video of Man Who Masturbated In Library To Police
This is what police get away with......
Police is Jailed for Forcing 14 year old to show his penis &"make it hard"

Audit: Fire district paid for Playboy channel
Teacher Resign over Wrong Tape Showing Porn Instead of Volcano
Principal pleads no-contest to kissing boys' feet
Angelina Jolie Says She's Been Sexually Active Since Kindergarten

Dolly stripped off shelves for showing female genitalia of a young model
College Girl Discovers New Method for Stopping Traffic

'Sex Theme Park' Introduces the Spankometer
10 most sexual cars of 2007
MTV's The Hills and Lagune Beach Jason Wahler pulls a Mel Gibson & get arrestedafter drunken, racist rant
Former Playboy TV Host Gets 11 Years for Smuggling Ecstasy
Female counselor recruits children for sex with her and boyfriend.

Married teacher aged 29 'seduced 15-year-old pupil'(Picture)

Housewife given OK to run nude Web chats in China
Woman Bites Part off Boyfriend Tongue During Heated French Kiss
Men to be spanked in new town
CONSTRUCTION has started on the world's first Woman-town, where disobedient men will get a spanking.
Many cheat for a thrill, more stay true for love
Thanks to the internet, adultery has become so simple
UK: " Muslim Polygamous Husbands Can Claim Cash for Their Harems"
Paying for sex as therapy is good for you
When Love Boat hits the Iceberg, Who do You think Handles It better?
Some relationships end with fighting. Some end with crying. Some end with sex. Some end with verbal insults
Tennessee House Approves Bill Requiring People Convicted Of Promoting Sex Work To Be Tested For HIV
Surprise! Men DO work as hard as women!
Flagstaff man arrested after woman reports being videotaped
Wealthy Manhattan socialite victim of Strong Armed Home Invasion

Police Release Sketch Of Manhattan Sex Attack Suspect

Fiend who raped, burned Columbia student taped using victim's ATM card
(Video) Tom DeLay Compares Himself To Duke Students Falsely Accused Of Rape

The other night on the O ’Reilly Factor, Tom DeLay compared himself to the Duke lacrosse players who were falsely accused of rape by district attorney Mike Nifong. “I haven’t been found guilty of nothing [sic],” DeLay said. “I’m presently under indictment for laws that don’t exist in Texas by a Nifong of Texas called Ronnie Earle."

The typical fraudster - male, high level and trusted
Research shows most fraudsters are male, typically aged between 36 and 55, have usually been employed by the company for six or more years and typically work in the finance department.
Customer Service Reps Give Out Fake Names
Nassau pol sends callers to sex chat line
Revenge of the World Bank Secretaries
Suing for too much sexsued her employers for developing carpal tunnel syndrome – also known as repetitive motion injury – in both hands while on the job
Your unadulterated thoughts on adultery
Watchdog: Online Child Porn More Brutal
Mom freezes eggs so her seven year old daughter can have child in the future
Gaunt Baby Found Dead;Parents Arrested for Starving 4-month old son to Death
Preacher's Wife on Stand for Murder: Husband Forced Me to Have Sex, Refused DivorceTenn. Preacher's Wife Convicted
McGreevey's Wife Seeks Primary Custody Claim he forced child to watch homesexual pictures
In Hong Kong, diners fined for leaving leftovers
School Requires Silence During Lunch
Tooth Chipped on Cookie Ruled Work-Related