Monday, April 16, 2007

Rainy Monday Nor'Easter

In no particular order these are some of the suspect in what killed hip-hop

"Im not a rapper im a hustler" killed hip-hop
"yo i got some shit for the streets, for the ladies,for the club" killed hip-hop
Producers being bigger than rappers they make beats for killed hip-hop
NY nigga having identity crisis killed hip-hop
Bitches who actually buy albums so nigga make LL Cool J songs killed hip-hop
Lyricist with no god dam hook killed hip-hop
Everygroup trying to be Wutang and be this ill supergroup
Every hot artist put there wack man killed hip-hop
Rappers biting other niggas rhyme,flows & style killed hip-hop
Great MC's dying so Young Killed Hip-Hop
Viacom owned MTV,BET,& VH1 Killed Hip-Hop
Wack Nigga with Wack Music on Myspace Killed Hip-Hop
Real Niggaz like Ghost,Beanie & Jada putting out good music but ain't selling killed hip-hop
Too many R&B song with a rapper on it Killed hip-hop
Too many Rapper with a r&B hook that has nothing to do with the song killed hip-hop
Too many goddam collabo with too many niggaz on one song making it impossible for them to ever perform it live all together killed hip-hop
Too many uninformed people who swear they know hip-hop killed hip-hop
Wack ass A&R with weak ears killed hip-hop
everybody thinking there a mc killed hip-hop
uninspired artist & no competitionkilled hip-hop
Fake ass beef killed hip-hop
Everybody trying be Pac killed hip-hop
Musician's early deaths cast dark clouds over music world

Feds Tie Brooklynite to 2pac's Strech & Jam Master Jay Death
2 pac's Pop Up for Parole

Apparently, a rich anonymous buyer is currently seeking to purchase the 1996 BMW 750 sedan that rap icon Tupac Shakur was murdered in. What ever happened to this car? Does it still exist or was it destroyed? If the buyer succeeds in locating the vehicle, it's not clear on rather he will put the car on personal display or resell it on Ebay.

Singer Akon is seriously ballin. He rolls around town in a $250,000 orange Lamborghini Gallardo and he reportedly owns a diamond mine in South Africa.

Head over to theThelife
to find about The Lamborghini Coffee Machine

The One Million Dollar Brandy from Mendis!!!
Wanted: Doll house for 5,000 or more :Celebrity dolls include Tupac Shakur &Halle Berry, Marcus Garvey & Harriet Tubman,

Imus Survey Says, "Rappers Offer An Accurate Depiction of Black People" Video
Politicians Under Fire For Associating With Rappers
Sharpton Pushes To Clean-Up Language In Entertainment Industry
Black Rappers: Clean Up Your 'Ho' Lyrics
Hilarious WILL FERREL clip featuring a cursing 3 year old girl & they say hip-hops responsible.

Britney Speaks to the World:Tries to Set Record Straight

Britney Spears continues erratic behaviour
"Oh my god, like the other day, I saw like this magazine, and I looked at it and it said like I was pregnant, and I looked at it and I went up to my Mom, and I was like 'oh my god'...

"Always believe everything you read, everybody. Because I am. I really am pregnant.

"And then I went to like this person, and they saw that on USA Today I was drinking a lot. And it was so true. It was so true. Just always believe what you read.

"It so cool how great and nice our world is.

Compounding the strangeness of the situation was the fact Spears filmed the segment not once, but twice, insisting on a re-shoot.
Britney Spears Blames Manager
Avril Lavigne not into being in the tabloids, while she blames Britney & Paris for all of her bad press
Britney Spears says she is ready to 'quit' pop music
Paris Panties Play Pick a Boo with the Camera

Paris: My "life will be over" if She goes to Jail
Former Celebrity Publicist Says Lindsay Lohan Is Dating Female DJ

Lindsay Lohan & Keira Knightley In On-Screen Sex Threesome?

Da Brat's Exotic Lesbian Lover

French Kissing Lesson

Hayden Panettiere licks her friend's boob

Jake Gyllenhaal staring at Jennifer Aniston Boobs

Simon Cowell Humiliated By 'Man Boobs'
Simon Cowell humiliated on national TV by man boob

Dozens of Girls Booted from Prom in Louisiana for Dressing Like Hoes and showing there Boobs
Muslim Girls Kicked out of Tae Kwon Do tournament for not removing Religious Head Scarves
Bush $1bn 'keep zipped up' & 'don't have sex' campaign a flop as research shows teenagers ignore lessons
Scarlett Johansson Thinks One Sexual Partner is Unnatural:she finds it "hard work" to remain faithful to one partner, and that she believes "human beings aren't instinctively monogamous."

Eva Longoria Loves Being Tied Up During Sex,Dominant Lover, forever wears thongs,Can't stand Panties

“I’m not averse to being tied up in silk scarves. I like a man to take charge. There’s something very sexy about being submissive.”

The 32-year-old actress also revealed she regularly has Brazilian bikini waxes because she only ever wears G-Strings.

“Every girl should have a Brazilian wax. It’s my sexy secret. And I only ever wear thongs. I don’t own a pair of knickers with a proper back to them.”

“I like a man with maturity. Wisdom and experience are very sexy to a woman.”

“There is such a thing as a bad chat-up line - and they’ve all been tried out on me. The least sexy thing a man can do is whistle at a girl in the street or cat call at them.

“It’s so unsexy, so uncool. If I see any builders working in a street I’ll turn right round and walk in a different direction. I hate all that shouting and whistling.”
Agassi Accidentally Hits Wife In Face With Racket Steffi Graf Requires 3 Stitches To Lipfrom a doctor who had paid $70,000 for a trip to play tennis with the couple
Jennifer Lopez Blames Marc Anthony For Spanish Album Flop
J. Lo & Marc Anthony Sue The National Enquirer over Drug Scandal
Album UpdateAshanti has just finished recording with super producers Pharrell Williams, Polow Da Don, Nephew and LT Hutton.Collaborations with Robin Thicke, Snoop Dogg and Jim Jones are also complete.
Funny: Michelle From Destiny Child's DOWNFALL

Eve head to geffen get drop from Aftermath.
She's a Geffen Artist
Eve Myspace
Alicia Keys Beefs With J Records... Pushes CD Back to October

Fake-Bake Beef: Fergie disses Nelly Furtado again? Head over to Miss Info to hear the track

Want Gwen’s ‘L’ All Over You?
Christina Aguilera - Candyman Video

Keyshia Cole exposed (vocally) at Easter Performance (audio)
Kelis hung out at Soul Kitchen Sunday at The Forge in Miami Beach.

On her web site Teairra Mari sent a message to all her fans and it got back to illseed. Check it out:
Well you can tell Illseed that the album is coming soon and that I'm back in the building! I'm just recently wrapped production on a movie called "Doorman" with Jackie Long from ATL, and Sleepy Brown and that will be out sometime in the fall. Now as far as my album that will be out this year as well. So I'm ready. We got some hot s**t for yall and I am focused :)
Official *HQ* Rihanna Album Cover:This is the official cover for Rihanna's new album 'Good Girl Gone Bad'.The CD drops June 5th.

Macy"I Like Walking Around the House Nude(EEEW)" Gray was "forced" to work with Justin Timberlake,Cause Will-i-Am was "too busy" for her

Timbaland ft. Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake
Snoop & True

Curtiiiiiiis hanging out at Floyd Mayweather’s house from HBO’s series Mayweather/De La Hoya 24/7

Short Circuitz Presents: Jay-Z’s Anatomy

Donald Trump's Combover: The Movie
Curse of Dirk Diggle:Mark Wahlberg embarrassed by The Legend of Dirk
the Jim Jones, homo biker look is catching on i see
Swizz Beats The Rocker?