Sunday, April 15, 2007


German Army Wont Fire Instructor Who train Soldier to shoot by Envisioning Black Americans
German director Uwe Boll Makes a Comedy About 9/11,causing Controversy (Video)

Postal Movie Trailer 2

Postal The Movie (Secret UNRATED Trailer)

Postal movie clip - another Uwe Boll 9/11 joke

One World Trade Center in Long Beach Sells for $149M
Five Silly Conspiracy Theories
15 Strangest Coincidences In World History

'Let's All Hate Toronto'

Brazil's Carnival organizer arrested
Australia PM: Ban HIV-positive immigrants
Australia to ban books & DVD advocating terrorism
Play WoW - and now you're a terrorist
How to Get Off a Government Watch List
Navy shows off anti-terror dolphins
Taliban Are Eluding U.S. Hunters
Nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's the 9/11 Mastermind Denies Involvement in the Attacks
Super snipers will target terrorists ... from three-quarters of a mile
KGB ghost stirs JFK mystery
US won't release 5 Iranians held in Iraq
Marines break international law, casualties include 1-year-old boy, a 4-year-old girl and three women
Marines killed more than
40 Afghans Civilians after suicide bombing
35 suspected Taliban killed,1 NATO soldier killed
The death of habeas corpus
Bush & Chenney Trying to Get Away with Murder..Literally:New Law Promises Retroactive War Crimes protection
Inmate Escapes Prison hijacked helicopter break into prison to help inmate escape. are still at Large
Baghdad bombs kill 26, British helicopters crash killing two Men
Two US helicopters crash in Iraq, two dead
Anti-U.S. cleric threatens Iraq gov't
Iran to Stop Accepting Dollars for Oil
Iranian Supreme Court Clears Serial Killers Cause Victims' Activities Were Un-Islamic
CNN show engages in Atheist-bashing session; clever viewer responds

Ugandan leader condemns bloody anti-Indian riots
Pope's put up Old Car on EbayBut Nobody Buys
Pope's new book plugs 'real Jesus'
Bishops Praise Iran
Martyr's sister sues to protect his name

Genie shows barred by Islam,
Ghost Museum Closes After Muslims Complain It's Detrimental to Faith
Police gaffe makes Muslims pray in wrong direction
Elizabeth Hurley Could Face Prison Time in India for Mocking Religion During Wedding

Mike Tyson's Goes Bollywood:Set to appear in Indian Pop Music Video
Operation Get Rid of Him:Web Campaign Targets Sanjaya
Sanjaya becoming the biggest obsession of Americans this year
Google to Acquire DoubleClick For $3.1B
Researchers: Scrap the Internet and Start Over
Rove e-mails may be missing
Rove warned in 'manuals, memos, and briefings' to save emails
Gonzales admits "honest mistakes" in controversial attorney firings

Jumps From Empire State Building
Maya Angelou ain't no difference between Imus &Hip-Hop :It's all the same. All vulgarity is vulgarity
Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen To Host Closed Door Meeting To Discuss The Status Of Hip-Hop
Principal Proud of Student N-Word Report
Black Journalist Responsible for Imus Getting Fired
Sex and Nudity Aren't Good Reasons to Fire Someone
Ohio teacher fired over online Nude Photos
Women not clicking with Internet videos
(LoL)Man Sentence for handing out stickers of ex-girls Name,Number & Address W/"Call me now for the best"
Cyber-Stalking a Growing Threat
Britishgo hi-tech to spy on lovers
Wife commits suicide with her rapist husband
Husband Takes The Law Into His Own Hand and Cuts Man arm off after catching him sexing his wife
Testifying for wife's defense, woman recalls one-night stand with murdered husband
Preacher Wife Murder's Her Husband Was she Abused,or A Control Killer
Retired schoolteacher Shoot & Killed By Cops in Stand off
Man Describes Killing Wife During Hospital Bed Confession
Teen Allegedly Newborn 135 Times
Baby Sitter Gets 5 Years for Smothering Baby While in Drunken Stupor
Toddler hospitalized with burns from acid on playground slide
Friday the 13th luckier?
Friday the 13th is lucky for woman
16-year-old Teen, 16, Accused of Paying Another Teen $5 to Kill Dad
Cops use Stun Gun on Skateboarder for, a 4 Year Honor student ,for Waving at Them
1 million borrowers may be at risk of defaulting on their mortgages
25% Of Americans Say They Have No Savings At All, Including Retirement
Presidential Candidate says US going bankrupt
How Your Tax Dollars Are *REALLY* Spent

Illegals filing taxes more than ever

Memo to Bill O'Reilly: More immigrants equals less crime
Sports Agent Convicted of Smuggling Cuban Baseball Players Faces Decades in Prison
Inmates Auction Painting to Help police officer
Inmates Sue Over Mosquitoes
SHERYL CROW environmental concerns Mosquito in Nashville on Thanksgiving feels Biblical"We had mosquitoes all the way through Thanksgiving this year in Nashville. It all feels biblical."
Attack of the Killer CellPhones:Study Claims they are Killing The Bees
Schwarzenegger's 'green' credentials questioned
Woman stick ups McDonald's Drive-Thru
Woman Gets Arrested…While In Jail for smoking weed & Crystal meth
Man Arrested For Breaking Into His Home
Police arrest girl after US $27,000 a MySpace party disaster
Home invasion suspect Antoine Howard & Machell Thompson

Robbery Suspects Leave Personal Info At Scene
$825000 In Jewelry Stolen as Thieves Take Time to Steal at Watch Fair
Pieces of Titanic transformed into luxury watches
Paris Hilton Debuts Watch Line At Basel World 2007 ranging in price from $85-$200.