Sunday, April 15, 2007

Adoptions, Imus,Al & Lesbians on a Rainy Sunday

'Nappy-headed Ho" Merchandise
nappy headed Hoe Merchandise
Obama compares rappers to Imus:They are "degrading their sisters"
Imus Fights Back!: 'These bastards went after me. They got me. But they didn't catch me asleep'... Says MSNBC 'unethical'...

UK Bans Beer that has adisplaying a picture of a woman whose clothing can be removed for promoting "Sexual Success"
Suds fill streets in Idaho, Alaska
Drug-resistant gonorrhea spreads in US

Lindsay Lohan & Keira Knightley In On-ScreenSex Threesome?
Natalie Portman Goes Both Ways,Considers Lesbian Affair.
Natalie Portman Gets Naked, But 'I Don't Need To Prove Anything'
Rod Stewart's Son Lusts his Step Mom Rachel Hunter Now Has a Sex Tape? & Rod angry over his Daughter Underwear Deal
Fergie Makes Booty Cake A Gift To Alanis for remixing My Hump
Getting Into Character:Willa Ford Orders A Replica Of Anna Nicole Smith's Bed
Confessions of a former teenage porn dealer; part 1 of 3

Pt 2Pt 3
Men and women's sexual stimuli are very different while viewing erotic images.

50 Cent: 'Black Folk Don't Need To Adopt'
Halle Berry: 'i Won't Adopt Like Jolie'.

Halle Berry Wants A Baby Before The End Of The Year 60 SECONDS: Halle Berry

'i Won't Adopt Like Jolie'
Halle Berry:'I Won't Adopt Like Jolie',Rather Adopt an American than Foreign Orphan
. Halle Berry: disses Angelina & Brad for adopting foreign orphans,Plans to adopt American
Brad Pitt Tells Angelina Jolie "No More" To Another Fast Adoption,Wants To Invest In Current Family Before More Adoptions
Jolie receives 500,000 dollars from her mother's will

Madonna heads back to Malawi 'set to adopt Grace'
Madonna to meet Mandela

RUSSELL SIMMONS: Pulling 'Trump' Card
Sportswriter: Sharpton and Jackson are Terrorists
Al Sharpton getting lots of DEATH THREATS for getting Imus fired,Security increased
Sharpton Has Become Legitimate Power Broker
D.C. Madam Starts Naming Names in Sex Scandal

Malaysian principal mistake Teacher as students and gets Canned /Whacked
Student Paper's N-Word Report Draws Ire

Laywers ask Georgia Attorney General to review Case of Teen Jail for Getting Head from 15 yrs Old Girl when He Was 17
Ethics Charges Against Ex-Duke DA Mike Nifong Upheld by Disciplinary Committee