Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Morning Madness

Former President's Hometown Seeks To Ban Sagging Jeans, Short

The Oprah Issue - starring Nas, Killer Mike, Gayle King, Young Jeezy, The Game, Elon Johnson, Ice Cube, Ludacris, Hip-Hop and Ms. Oprah Winfrey.

King Daughter Knocks Violence, Hip-Hop Culture

Drama Going to Court Today


Mixtape Website Shook, Removes CDs From Online Store
Mixtape Vets Trade "Raid" War Stories, Look To Organize DJ Union
Ethan Brown Blogs Kenneth Supreme McGriff Trial
Selling An Album Before It Hits Store Shelves Becoming A Growth Industry
Indie Labels create the"Fifth Major"

Italian court: Downloading OK if not for profit

Students Get Free Legal Music Downloads
The music download service for students requires a valid ".edu" email address to join.

MTV and Verizon Wireless Partnet to annouce "MTV Live The first episode will air February 6 at 11:30 PM and includes Nas and Akon. The monthly series will be recorded in front of a live audience at the Hard Rock Cafe
NY in Times Square and will be presented as a multi-platform program across
MTV, MTV2, mtvU, MTV Tr3s, and on MTV Mobile on V CAST.

Muslim-American Rappers Promote Tolerance in Middle East
NAACP TO SALUTE BONO: Civil Rights organization to award rocker/humanitarian its Chairman’s Award.

Record labels invest in Chinese venture

The New Face of Corporate America: KISS MY CORPORATE ASS!

Ex-ProWrestler" bambigelow dies

Google getting into in-game advertising ?


Mele Mel Eyes the WWE Championship

It's Official: Swizz Slated to Release Solo LP,
Jim Jones Imitates N.O.R.E.

True Life Airs out The "Pink Bunnies Dips":Smell Rell, Say if Jimmies the Kuffie Smacker He is the Bandana Smacker, calls Lil WayneWhoopie Goldberg

'Gayngsta' Rapper Deadlee Headlines Homo Hip-Hop Tour, Disses Eminem, DMX, 50 Cent

Wendy William Outs (Big Daddy Kane DJ/ Person Who Founded Biggie) Mister C

Vick DIDN'T have pot and will be exonerated for Miami incident

Wu-Tang Producer Enlists Kanye &;Just Blaze For "Beat Kings" DVD

Official Site
NikeiD Studio / Air Force 1 BoutiqueSneakers, Toys, Shops & Street Wear -

Continuing the celebration of Air Force 1, the Nike iD Studio @ 255

Elizabeth Street here in NYC will transform into the Air Force 1

Boutique starting this Thursday, January 25th, 2007.

Gametime Athletics has created a limited edition sneaker for the 4th Annual Southern Entertainment Awards.

Custom Sneaker Collection Designed Exclusively for Hip-Hop Award Show

gametime athletics' sea sneakers

Best Rap Commercials From World of Rap Awards

Workers Dancing - Nextel

Mele Mel Pursues WWE Career

Optimus Prime iPod Dock

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Religious Website Calls Jay-Z, Ghostface and Tech N9ne Gay

Ghostface, Lupe Fiasco &; The Roots to Rock Annual Coachella Festival

Common Addresses Haters, "[The Gap Commercial] Is Exposure To A Whole Other Crowd"

Dr. Dre To Operate On Papoose?

Gilled da Kid: "Birdman Molested Lil' Wayne"

Signed items from Kanye, Talib, Cam up for auction

G-Unit CEO Taps DJ Premier, Hi-Tek, Swizz Beatz, for First Ever Producers Confab

Drama and Cannon release statement
Alicia Keys is giving away cash, might start packin’
Akon Humping Tara Reid
Akon Joins Gwen Steffani On Upcoming Tour
P Diddy and Jessica Biel - Golden Globes

Diddy oogles Jessical Biels Boobies

Talking about Boobies

Sharon Stone's bad breasts:

Sharon Stone's breasts have been nominated for Worst Screen Couple in this year's Golden Raspberry Awards

Spice World's Worse Movie Ever
Slain NYC Filmmaker's Movie Sells For Millions:

"And the Sex is so Hi tech",Nas, Nastradamus 1999

HOT COCO Thanks to


Online Gaming On a Whole other Level:A stripper that struts with such good skin


65% of Americans Spend More Time with Their Computer than Their Spouse - Tech News -

U.S. drivers eat, shave, email -- oh, and drive

Women go wild if guys raise a smile

2007, The Year Of The Online Game?

Online Gamers Turn Tricks for Cash

Paid to pay for sex

In Raw World of Sex Movies, High Definition Could Be a View Too Real
Man sues over penis tattoo

Bigger Tits are Higher at Risk For Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts Raising Eyebrows

Cancer T ShirtBreast Cancer

The Weinstein Company Buys Toothed-Vagina Doc

First Womb Transplant Planned

Graphic Rape Scenes of 12-year-old Dakota Fanning in New Film Call for Federal Investigation

Nine-year-olds 'performing sex acts in school'

Porn Found on Chief Of Police Laptop

Probation expert jailed over child porn charges

Tutors Selling Sex Appeal

MySpace plans parent software

MySpace To Aid In Search For Missing Kids, Social-Networking

Site Will Distribute Amber Alerts To Members In That Area

Adoptive parents in France defend system of buying babies

Earning a Second Income on Second Life

"Girls Gone Wild" founder fined $500,000

Beijing arrests 152 in internet prostitution crackdown

Centerfold charge with being a Madam

N.J. Lawyer Accused of Pimping Posts $1M Bail

Marlboro lawyer, protege linked to N.Y. brothel |

Israel’s President to Be Indicted in Rape Case

Top judge arrested over 'flashing on train '

Flatulence forces plane to land

Man Builds His Own Flying Saucer

Man thrown off plane for 'terror' t-shirt

Letter to editor earns 81-year-old Pa. man a visit from Secret Service agents

Pirates of the Caribbean. Actress Sues Newspaper overAnorexia

ABC In depth Look At People Who Choose to Be Amputees

N.J. Internet users' aliases are private, court says

Iranian bloggers on web restrictions

Mixtape Website Shook, Removes CDs From Online Store

Record Labels Contemplate Unrestricted Digital Music

Record labels rethink digital rights

More Proof That The RIAA Is Out To Lunch

Courtesy of :
Maybe they just needed a in the form of a mp3?

A Cup of Coffee in the form of a MP3?

Atlanta raid leaves mixtape future in question

Music industry divided over digital future

Digital Music Sales Double

Apple Posts $1 Billion

Apple ching ching to the tune of Itunes

Kazza TV anybody?

IP-based TV software system

Netflix Debuts Streaming Service

Blockbuster Takes On Netflix

Microsoft Hiring People to Bost Favorable Comments On Wikipedia

Father of internet warns against Net Neutrality

U.S. court upholds copyright law on "orphan works"denies

Internet right to Publish work that are no longer available in


E-mail from the grave? Microsoft seeks patent on 'immortal computing'

Soldiers want to freeze sperm before entering Lebanon

We will be able to live to 1,000'

Two Quebecers charged over telemarketing activities

MySpace Sues Man for Sending Millions of Spam Messages -

Business And Money

P-Mail: 'Like e-mail, only slower'

Phone thief repents after 21 text messages

Iowa Woman Fired for Journaling at Work

Flight attendant Fired By Delta over "inappropriate" pictures.

Monday, January 22, 2007


The Tuna Call it Quit In Dallas

SUper Bowl Makes History as First Black Head Coaches Square off :Dungey Vs Lovie

Johnson may not go to Miami
Bears DT's legal woes could interfere with Super Bowl

Tank Johnson played well in the Bears' win over the Saints on Sunday.

Early labor so husband can watch Bears

AIDS group says Viagra increases spread of HIV, other STDs
This undated file photo shows Viagra pills made by Pfizer. A leading American AIDS group said it was suing Pfizer, the producer of Viagra, accusing the company of increasing the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases through "irresponsible" marketing.(AFP/HO/File)


Hollywood's Biggest Star use there star power to counterattack the

negative images depicted in Blood Diamond that stars Leonardo

DiCaprio's . Celebrities partaking in the multi million dollar campaign-

titled Raise Your Right Hand= include Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez who

were flaunting their precious stone for the camera at last week's

Golden Globe. The two agreed to wear the diamonds rings on there

right hand for a promise from the diamond industry to donate $ 10,000

each to the African charity of there choice. Apparently the sales weren't

affected by the movie, Debeer is expected to release it's annual report

next month and early indication suggest increase in sale in America

after the movies release.

"But the movie has provoked bitterness between the industry and

pressure groups, who say the Raise Your Right Hand initiative has

distasteful echoes of Sierra Leone's civil war, in which rebels used

amputation to terrorise civilians. "It's rather disgusting if you think

about Sierra Leone and the hands that got hacked off there," said Alex

Yearsley, campaigner for Global Witness. "It's an attempt to hit back at

the film. You can imagine the PR campaign that came up with it. But

the industry didn't do much for the Sierra Leonean women with no right hand when all this was going on.""

But still Africans only receive bloodshed and civil wars.

Nick Dearden, campaigns manager for Amnesty International, said: "If you look at the big diamond areas of Sierra Leone, of Congo, they still have no electricity, no running water, no paved roads. If you look at the whole picture, Africans have not"

Talking about Star Power Russia is considering Maddonna wishes to fly tothe International Space Station.“Considering the broadcasting possibilities, this could make quite a serious event scheduled for the year when elections are held both in Russia and the U.S.,” Alexei Mitrofanov of the Liberal Democratic party said said.
Maddona 's Quest
Will Smith critically acclaimed role of Chris Gardner in the Pursuit of Happyness will be followed by the Disney film of Salome Thomas- El, a well-known middle school principal and school board member in Philadelphia. The movie is base on I Choose To Stay: A Black Teacher Refuses to Desert the Inner City an autobiography written By El."I'm trying to get young people to understand that they have to try to give to the community because the community gave to us," Thomas El told "At some point the community supported us or our parents so that we could be in the position where we are."
Snoop Doggs joins 9 Squared, Inc. in a venture to give fans the chance to receive personal and promotional text messages from Snoops personal phone.
Other feature celebrity message senders include hip hop star Xzibit, Andy Milonakis of MTV, John Salley of "The Best Damn Sports Show Period."

Led by the alley hoop from Snoop on " I wanna love you" and the Eminem assisted "Smack that" Akon is certified Platinum by the RIAA after only five weeks on Bill Board.His upcoming projects include Usher's boy band One Chance, the King and Queen of pop Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Also the much anticipated collabo with Young Jeezy .

Lil Wayne is being sued by 2 party promoters who alleged the rapper cost them $ 200,000 in lost revenue. Even though he returned the intial $ 15,000 deposit he received for the performance the company,Nunoise Ent. and Jahfari Promotion are seeking $ 45,000 in actual damages. The motion was filed on Friday in Miami-Dade County claims Wayne was fail to comply to a reschedule appearance.“He admitted he missed a date, and he was supposed to make it up,” said Marlowe Blake, attorney for the promoters of Wayne. “It’s a simple breach of contract type of matter.”

Talking about contracts it appears Styles P decided it best to leave Interscope this is what he had to tell MTV about whats going on in the world of The Ghost.

"I'm off of Ruff Ryders and Interscope," he explained. "I'm still there as the LOX, but as a soloist, Styles P, I'm gone. I give it a smile. I get to do a lot of work. I get to let loose...

"I'll be critical of myself. Maybe I was real anal on my project as an artist," he said of his recently released Time Is Money. He did say he was upset that Ruff Ryders/ Interscope didn't give him a single or video to support the project's release, and the LP was pushed back several times over an almost three-year period. "I don't just handle my project as an artist. I'mma try to handle it as a CEO, a businessman.

"I guess it's hard to market me," he continued. "I may rap one way one day and make 'I'm Black,' then another way another day and make 'Favorite Drug.' I had to spread my wings and do what I do. You can look to hear from me hard in March or April. I will be right back. I haven't thought of an album title yet. I'm still smoking and pondering on it. But I'm the Phantom now; the Ghost is over with. If you're my friend, you can call me the Ghost. But as far as MCing … and don't call me a rapper no more. Call me an MC." ...

"There's a lot of people hollering right now," he added about where he might land a new record deal. "But to tell you the truth, I don't even want to speak to anybody in the majors until I speak to everybody independent. I don't even know if I will speak to any of the majors. ... Then again I will, just because there's some people I respect. I've been through a lot of ups and downs. I want to get properly paid for my work. I think I'm too street for them to ever put me on a high industry pedestal. I don't see that coming. I get respect 'cause I'm a made man, because of the work I do."

Style P Interviewed By
Eskhay from Nah righ
Kool G Rap interview


Woman Gets 11 Years for Cooking Boyfriend and Feeding Him to Guests
Photo from
Ex-Wife Of Homeless Man Sued For $1M Thought He Was Dead - News
Dead Beat Husband,Literally
A former Soldier held in wife's beating death:Delayed 911 call lead to charges
Man kills self, wife before couple’s daughters

Starting From Scratch

I ran into several issues with my old Blog and have decided it was best to start a new one. I will be posting everything over here from now on. The title 2EC stands for my 2 eyes and 2 cents, nothing more nothing less. Now let get this cracking.

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Another NY Times Piece this one has to do with cool turntable that allow you to convert your vinyl to MP3's and CD's.

The film features an ensemble cast of both real-life rappers and stand-up comedians, including Howie Bell (P. Diddy Presents...The Bad Boys of Comedy; Jamie Foxx’s Laffapalooza), Gerald Johnson (aka, Slink Capone The Cutaluff, produced by Too Short), Schuylar Harvey, Leslie (aka Leslie Jones; HBO’s Def Comedy Jam; Girlfriends; National Security) Tomy’a Bowden (The Steve Harvey Show; Dahmer), Clifton Powell (Ray; Woman, Thou Art Loosed) and Sam Maccarone, director of the recently released National Lampoon’s TV: The Movie and also features cameos by rappers Too $hort and GLC.

The soundtrack from the film will be available on Delicious Vinyl.

A Real Music Store Sprouts Online