Friday, April 13, 2007

Weezy Drought 3 on hold indefinite,Lil Romeo Sign To USC,


Weezy "Drought 3" Mixtape Still UNRELEASED;Release Date TBD,work on New Song W /Pop SuperstarEnrique Iglesias
DJ Khaled "Takin' Over" June 12th
Rick Ross Preps Sophomore Set & "M.I.Yayo" Documentary
Rapper Romeo Signs With USC Trojans
St. John’s : No To Vagina Monologues, Yes To "famously misogynist" Ludacris
BET Looking For College Kids For New Show
SkeeTV - Three 6 Mafia Talks Bout New Show & "The Pissing Incident on JLH's

Freeky Zeeky using noises from Porn Movies for his Next Album

Snoop Sentenced to 800 Hrs. of Community Service
J. Prince Weighs in on New Lawsuit Filed By Recording Studio Owner that claims he was set up for a beat-down
Did 50 Cent Really Get Shot 9 Times? Another 50 Hater Makes a Video,

KRS One & Marley Marl Hip-Hop Lives Trailer


Group that exposed Imus angers conservatives
2 incidents expose America's racial sores
Are American advertisers being hypocritical in dumping Don Imus because of his racist remarks?

Right after Imus got fired from Tv & Radio. The Biggest KKK Forum "" hackedRealhiphopThey displayed kkk logos all of there board and racist pictures. If you go to's messageboard you will notice it is now suspended. To all hip hop sites our there be careful, This may just be the beginning of alot more online attacks from white groups speaking out on the alleged Imus incident.
Paraguay President's Joke Stirs Outrage
Condoleezza Rice :Imus Remarks are 'Disgusting',

Rutgers Basketball Team Accepts Imus' Apology
Don Imus becomes "political basketball" for Hillary & Obama,&The Balls in Clinton's Court

"Oh Say Can U See,"
Jennifer Hudson Belts Out Nat'l Anthem For Jackie Robinson Day
After Imus,Now NJ Ministers Going After Hip-Hop
John Gibson Thrashes Snoop Dogg for Attacking Imus

Study:Abstinence doesn't delay sex
Principal, Teacher Caught Having Sex On DVD
Black Cop Caught Having Sex in Patrol Car Claims Firing is Racially Bias
Detective in hot water for allowing inmate to have sex with his girlfriend
Church Pure Sex Billboard raising eyebrows
Youth Prison Sex Scandal:Principal & Ass. Superintendent Charge With Sexually Abusing Teenage Inmates
Mother Uses MySpace To Find Kidnappers To Get Her Son
Prison vs. Work
Woman sues boss's husband for 'negligent dancing' after he dropped her
Thou Shall Not...:Jail guard caught on video hitting Inmate with Bible
Unholy Coke:Italian Priest caught shipping himself Half-a-Kilo of Cocaine Gets 3 years
Prosecutors to go after California's 'Guru of Ganja' marijuana grower,despite Federal Judge urges to drop case
Police want to Stop Inmates from "fishing" drugs into Prison
U.S. Homeland Security bust Alberta Teens In Pepperoni Theft
KFC Worker & her Son Stage Robbery
Gunman apologizes while robbing store
How to scare bank robbers? Try smiling
Bank Robbers prosthetic leg falls off while trying to steal ATM
Eliot Ness plaque stolen from police HQ
Wife who Murder her Minister Husband :'My ugly came out'
America is becoming a nation of Interracial Marriage
Chilean divorce rising — laywers offer easy installment plan
People Living Longer in Poor Countries
Illegal immigrant Steals Identity to Hide 17 years of criminal activity
Anti-druken Efforts Aimed At Latino
Weird American Laws
Man Pays $335 Court Fee in PENNIES
Out of Touch Out of Mind Gulliani :Gallon of Milk is $1.50,,Loaf of Bread is $1.25
Bushes' 2006 tax bill: $186,378,IRS owes Cheney & Wife $ 50,000
"Girls Gone Wild" founder owes IRS Over $20 million
Dont dial the area code 809... or you be charged $2425 per-minute
Russia urges UK to extradite tycoon for coup
Top 10 Places to Get Free Books Part 1 and Part 2. Part 3
10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid

Oliver Stone:“All niggers like Scarface.”,Suge Michael Jordan is Gay Conspiracy,& More Imus

Oliver Stone: “All niggers like Scarface.”According to Russell Simmons: Oliver Stone uses N word only when High
While According to Allison Samuels in her book 'Off the Record'
"Suge" Knight ("I didn't have the heart to tell him that not only would his crazy theory about Michael Jordan being gay not go into my story but it was probably the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard.")
For example, during a photoshoot, Snoop Doggy Dogg does a ‘gangbanger dance’:
With as stern a voice as I could muster, I calmly informed Snoop that this photo shoot was not for a hip-hop magazine, where there probably wouldn’t be a backlash. Also, I told him that in all likelihood his fellow Crip members would not see his shout-out, however thoughtful. He seemed to get the message, that is, until he began blowing marijuana rings into the camera, requiring another sideline meeting. Fortunately, he complied the second time as well, and the rest of the shoot went off without a hitch.Off The Record Review in the NY Times
Imus' Wife: Send All Hate Mail to Him
NJ Govt Involved in Hit & Run HEADED FOR RUTGERS, IMUS Meeting
Imus Meets With Rutgers Basketball Team
Biggest CelebrityDownFallsMark Foley, Ted Haggerty, Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, Britney Spears or Martha Stewart The Duke Boys ,& Imus
Brazilian celebrity takes down the reporter. I think he said something like "you're ruining my photo shoot"

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Christian Defense Coalition Criticize Jackson & Sharpton For Going at Imus
& Not Rap

CBS fires Don Imus
Tony Blair says Forget Politican Correctness it's a"DISTINCTIVE BLACK CULTURE." that's to blame for London 's High Crime Rate
Pink Anti-Bush Views Censored & Banned By Radio Thanks Jimmy Kimmel For Letting Her Bash The President(Video)
Pink sings "Dear Mr. President" on Jimmy Kimmel Live 4-10-07

Pink interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live 4-10-07

Stuart Scott :It's Affectionate if you call her a hoe
"Here's the thing: There are some people who can use the n-word, who can use those words like b---- and, and the things that Imus said, and they mean it in an affectionate way. It's one of the ideas of taking something that's negative, so bad, so ugly, and making it a positive. I'm going to take the power out of that word and make it a positive. If a white person says it, he's not really doing it."

“XXX: State Of The Union,” /James Bond film MILLIONAIRE DIRECTOR ARRESTED (AS PROSTITUTE IN DRAG).Ice Cube amused
Kobe Bryant on Best Damn Sports Show Period

Naughty By Nature - Hip Hoop Hurray [NBA Version]

Rugby now A Full Contact Sport
Police at Atlanta Airport Uncover Rash of Public Sex Acts
Best Buy Employee 'Geek Squad' Accused of Filming Woman in Shower

RAPEXTM is a new product that was developed to empower women to defend themselves against rapists. RAPEXTM is a device used by women to prevent rape and to identify the rapist. The RAPEXTM prototype was launched on 31 August 2005, at Kleinmond, Cape Province, South Africa.
'Rapex,' The Female Anti-Rape Condom,a Device With Teeth, Literally

Exploding sausage restaurant fined

Katie Price aka Jordan:I'm Hotter Than Posh! but admits: "It's not hard to be better looking than [Victoria]."

Victoria Beckham’s Wine Diet to gain weight
Scientist said they found the"Fat gene."
Fergie to Nelly Furtado: "Say it to My Face"
Marc Anthony owes the IRS $2.5 million in back taxes
Joe Francis' Prison Water-gate,Busted In Jail With Drugs: Joe got caught trying to bribe a guard for a bottle of water with a $100 bill on Wednesday night to take some pills. He also owes the IRS over $20 million

American Hardcore Idol

Playboy's Holly Madison Bares All For PETA says:I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' .
'To see some hot behind-the-scenes footage of her naked photoshoot click HERE

World Bank head urged to quit after admitting helping girlfriend gets in trouble over lover's pay rise
Woman in Affair Allowed Back Sick Pay
One Million DollarBig Bang watch by Hublot

Range Rover Vogue Security Vehicle and Rolls-Royce Phantom Armoured Hit the Streets
Vanessa WilliamsLives In Fast Lane
Mexican mogul edges Buffett for second richest
this one dude, who’s trying to get a million dollars from ebay, by, instead of getting money, he’s trading up for something slightly better than what he’s giving up, with every transaction….dude started with a paperclip, now he’s up to a house, in only a year….

What's Beef?

Tupac Shakur To Appear “Live” On Mind of Mencia, April 15th
Tupac Shakur Still Alive Los Angeles, CA - April 11, 2007 -

To the amazement of the music industry, entertainment industry and millions of fans worldwide Tupac Amaru Shakur, a hip hop star and screen actor long believed to be dead, will be returning to the public spotlight in a controversial live taping on the popular television show Mind of Mencia. The show will air Sunday April 15th on Comedy Central at 10pm, 9pm central.

The show hosted by Latino comedian Carlos Mencia is known for its controversial racial statements and images, but has never tackled an issue with this much potential for backlash.

“That’s why I chose to come back on Mind of Mencia” said Mr. Shakur in a telephone conference with several news media organizations. “Cause Carlos keep it real.”

“I been away for years and I been hesitant to reappear” Tupac said. “But it’s the seventh year of the new millennium and I got work to do. It’s a lot of issues goin’ on right now that need to be addressed.”

Tupac went on to list the war in Iraq, black presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign for office and what he called in his own words “bitch ass niggas” as the main issues he planned to focus on.

According to U.S federal law it is a felony to fake one’s death. The Los Angeles police department will be standing by at the live taping of Mind of Mencia Sunday April 15th.

So, before you conspiracy theorists get wind of this…I was in no mood for stupid publicity ploys today and so here’s the deal….

This guy, Josh Harraway is a rapper named “Dusty Roze.” (like a flower?) But I guess the Roze thing isnt poppin’ off quite like he’d like, so…why not pretend to be Tupac instead. I often wonder the same thing myself on days like today. Sadly, Carlos Mencia finds something redeeming in this circus act, so he’s featuring the guy on his show. But if you cant wait to be irritated…I’m here to serve. Five scoops of unflattering imitation coming up!
Story & Pics Courtesy of Miss Info
“Dusty Roze.”


Biggie and Tupac (Documentary) Part 5

50 Cent and Cam'ron

RAP WARS 2.0 e-BEEFS: Hip-hop feuds go digital
50 Cent Heat ( Street version ):off get rich or die tryin

According to RUMORS This morning, Eminem was live on Detroit's WKQI Channel 9-5-5 radio station talking about a number of topics. I will try to get the mp3 later this week.

1 year (tomorrow) of Proof's death: Em talked about how recording this album has been very different and the mood has changed quite a bit. He said he visits Proofs grave several times a month and he wish he could go more, but he is quite busy. Also said that the album title and release date are not true and that the album won't be out earlier than August with a single in June. Also stated that Proof will be heavily featured on the album and this will be the final D12 album.

Kim: Talked about she is full of lies and all this stuff..nothing really important

Beef with 50 Cent: Em said that him and 50 have been talking a lot lately about all of this beef with Cam'ron and Em said he is not getting involved in anyway. He has been telling 50 to drop it and its not worth it, but 50 isn't going to. As for dropping Young Buck,etc Em said he doubts any of that will happen and 50 really isn't as mad as he seems. Stated he recorded 3 full tracks with 50 for 50's summer album (if 50 decides to not include Young Buck, etc)

Re-Up album: Em said the goal was not to make money but to promote the new artists and he feels he did a damn good job by it going platinum off one single and how he sold more albums than several rap albums in 2006. He said if he did want to release another single, it would be "Jimmy Crack Corn" but it probably won't happen

New solo album: Confirmed working heavily on his final album that he will release at the earliest December of this year and he said it will proably he out sometime next year. Wants the first single to be different that previous times and he said this album will lyrically be his best

Detox: Still said you can expect it out this September. Dre is putting the real finishing touches on it but still is hoping to record with a unexpected secret guest Em wouldn't reveal. source
Concertgoer Sues over Assault at 50 Cent Concert
Record Executive Sues Rap-A-Lot over Beating Claim J.Prince Set Him up
New Book, Third Coast, Says Hip-Hop Started In The South.

Black Columnist: Imus is irrelevant, hip hop 'culture is ANTI-BLACK...SELF-DESTRUCTIVE
Lawmaker: If the people in my district had voted for slavery ... I would have voted for it
Bruce Willis likes Halle Berry’s chest .....a lot (Pictures) Story at

Pay Soars to Keep People in Military
Stray Bullet Kills Boy on Trampoline in Texas; Man Arrested
Mom allegedly offers kid for sex to 2nd man

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ladies Late Night Special

Halle Berry voted most influential African-American of 2007? Tops Ebony's Power List Beats Obama

'Obama To David Letterman :You don't run for second', Not Trying to Be Hillary's Vice President
Halle Esquire Magazine Cover

PARADE SAYS HALLE INTERVIEW WAS BRAND NEW: Magazine claims they have the tape to prove her suicide quotes were from Jan. 07.
Perfect Stranger New York Premiere

"We'll Redefine What Marriage Is"

Revenge On Cheating GirlfriendVideo
Mel B. Puts Eddie's Name on Birth Certificate
Jay-Z:Blogs are irresponsible for reporting rumors
Jimmy Kimmel Vs BloggersArticle/Video
Jay-Z feat. UGK - Big Pimpin

'Pimps Up, Ho's Down'
,a new book explore the hold of Hip-Hop on Young Women
Porn for Women gives a fantasy reality check
World-renowned relationship expert "men who help out around the house have sex more frequently with their spouses and much happier marriages."
China to build 'girl power' town:Woman Town
Vida Guerra Jaycen Taylor Got No Game
Hoopz in Blackmen Magazine

Snoop:Don't Compare Rappers To Imus:We Talk about Hoes In The Hood,Not College Chicks
Media: Blame Hip-Hop For Imus Nappy Headed Hoes

Howard Stern On Imus: He was never funny.Listen to the show, I defy you to laugh.When He get Fired His Wife will Leave him & Im Gonna Fuck Her
* “He does nothing. He mumbles, he can’t speak English, he can’t be understood. He was never funny. You listen to the show, I defy you to laugh.”
* “He’s completely insane.”
* “I guarantee you the wife leaves him. If he loses his job, she leaves him within a year. [And if that happens,] I will leave Beth to fuck her.”
Radio Stations Fires DJ for Encouraging Listeners to say "I'M A NAPPY-HEADED HO"
Carlos Mencia Hangs Up On Radio Show After Being Questioned About Stealing Material
T.D. Jakes issues official statement about Imus
MSNBC Drops Don Imus

A CBS News producer was fired as Katie Couric caught in plagiarism flap with WSJ
NBC Kicks Brandy off Show For Sharon Osbourne
Favorite TV G.I.L.Fs
Unsexiest Man In The World 2007

Guess who was named the most Unsexiest Man in the World according to the Boston Phoenix? Here are some people who made the top 100 to get you started:

100 - Tom Cruise

82 - The Geico Caveman

52 - Dr. Phil

29 - Marc Anthony


Side Note :According to Yahoo, "Sanjaya" is top search on net
3 - Flava Flav

Scarlett Johansson has topped the Glamour magazine poll which asked 5,000 women to name the sexiest star. The magazine said:

"With curves to rival Marilyn Monroe's, Scarlett embraces old-school Hollywood style and exudes body confidence. Does she ever have an off day? In a word, no." (source)
Playboy Mansion

Playboy Mansion - formerly the Playboy Mansion West out of deference to the original Playboy Mansion that was located in Chicago at 1340 N. State Street), located at 10236 Charing Cross Road in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California, is the home of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner and is one of the most famous residences in California

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

Pamela Anderson on the beach in Hawaii

Mugshot Gone Wild

Britney Spears cut off friendship with Paris Hilton because of image worries

Paris Mad Kim K's Sex Tape Is Getting More Popular & Better

Laguna Beach
Sex Tape Rumor False

Jenny Woo of

SexTape While in her column for Enough with the Sex Tapes

Lame "Sex Tape" Proves Sucks in Bed

Madonna And Justin Together In The Studio

"Idol" Finalist Sex Tape called "Nastiest Ever "

Rev.Run Daughther Angela Simmons Sex Pic Scandal?

Kimora Comes To The Style Network
Naomi Campbell

Naomi Not Sure About Reality(Show),at least on MTV

NAOMI’S community service BOOTS enjoy sales boost THE NEW MUST-HAVE

Pro Ked get a DASH of Sneaker Chic
Willa Ford is Anna Nicole Smith

Carmen Electra is hostess of Naked Women’s Wrestling League
POWER MOVES:Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez. both sign new seperate deals to bring Latin Theme Projects to the Movies & TV
Fantasia Gives "Color Purple" $6 Million Facelift
Ciara Fundraising Concert a Financial Disaster,low attendance to blame

A Whole Bunch of Gay People Mad at Kelis

Man :Attack By 7 LESBIANS Was Hate Crime Against Straight Man
The Beyonce Experience tour Tokyo,

Toni Braxton Showin Some Skin

Joss Stone* has admitted her drinking problem:
Soul diva Joss Stone has been drinking alcohol since she was 13, and blames her boozy habit on being British. The pop star, who now resides in America, fears losing her powerful voice but can't resist having a sneaky drink when she is back in her homeland. She says, "I've been drinking beer since I was 13. I'm English! Sometimes I smoke, sometimes I drink. But I don't go on binges. I'm not a genuine bad girl. I don't want to ruin my voice.
"But when I'm home in England, I have a beer and a smoke. Sometimes I even smoke weed." [source]
Snoop Avoids Prison, Pleads No Contest To Gun Charges,Agrees not to possess "more weed than his medical marijuana certificate permits"
That’s So Busted!
Orlando Brown, who played Raven’s best friend Eddie on Disney’s “That’s So Raven”, has been arrested on charges of possession of 9 grams of marijuana.
The Great Tennessee Marijuana Cave

Law enforcement officers in Tennessee make the greatest underground discovery since Tutankhamen's tomb was unearthed in the Valley of the Kings.
Isolation in the Big Apple
The NYPD:Dirty Little Secrets
Earth Gets Live with Akon, Ludacris, Rihanna,Kanye West
Shawna Dropped from DTP,Ludacris:"She is no longer rocking with DTP'',

Beyonce Models Samantha Thavasa Japanese Bags (

Remy"So Fresh" Ma In House of Deron

Remy Ma Officially Released From Terror Squad:There too Old & Comfortable
Rick Ross' Manager Claims Rapper Owes $1 Million, Feared For His Life Due To Threats
Judge Orders Janet Jackson To Testified in $120 Mill Lawsuit against her BodyGuard Choking someone
Keeshy & Jeezy a while back in Tampa