Saturday, March 3, 2007

50 Cent Says Cam’ron Has AIDS!!,Rap Lyrics Use to Educate,Pharoh still has the Desire,Sean Price New Video & More

50 Cent Says Cam’ron Has AIDS!!
Young Buck f/50 Cent - Hold On (Cam'ron Diss)

Da Odd Couple: (No it not no Blend)Freeway Feat. Skillz-Dont Act
Pharoahe Monch Still Has The ‘Desire’
Video: Sean Price - Mess You Made

Rap puts cool spin on library research,Class use rap lyrics to help study
Using the Web to Get the Boss to Pay More
Mission Improbable: Tom Cruise as Mogul
NY Time On Bitch Made Bitchy Barnes:
Crime’s ‘Mr. Untouchable’ Emerges From Shadows
Facing N.C.A.A., the Best Defense Is a Legal Team
How to Grow a Super Athlete

Avril Lavigne - Girfriend Ringtones [Mandarin/Japanese/Spanish]
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend [Mandarin Version/Full]
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend [Japanese Version/Full]
Adidas New Originals

Young Buck on Shade 45 and Buck & 50 go after some nigga @ a concert

YOUNGBUCK_on shade45(audio)
rare footage of 50 and G-unit going after some niggaz at concert


Latest Parody Joking on Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Akon & Lil Wayne

Study: 27% of women have HPV teens and yound adult hight at risk
Pol: Flashers should be listed as sex offenders
Giuliani Son Not Feeling His Dad,rather play Golf,Got Beef w/His Dad New wife:"a little problem that exists between me & his wife,”
Dem Party boss outrage over Reporter Calling Jonh Edward a Faggot
Sex change gets City manager fired from $140,000-a-year job
He-She forcing NYC to Pay for Sex Change Operation
`He` frogs change into `she` frogs due to pollutants
Jewish School Learns It Rented S& M House To Dominatrix
46-year-old woman arrested for running money for sex operation Upscale Brother w/Website
Woman Accused of Running D.C.-Area Prostitution Ring May Sell Client List to Fund Defense
Japan's prime minister denies responsibility for making Foreign Women Loveslaves
When Women Are Property: Husband Sells Wife's Kidney to Buy Tractor and Girl "Lost" in Poker Game
Special Ed Students Make Porn Film Between Classes
Prior to Student StabbingClassmate to death ,therapist had previously confiscated & return knife at the end of the day
Dad and Grandpop beat up principal over grades
Ex-cop gets state time for affair with 16 year old Girl
Cop sues Victoria's Secret for 2 million Over Bikini
Kidnapped Teenager Frees Himself with Saftey Pin, Describes Suspect
11-Year-Old Girl Stops Car After Mother Passes Out at Wheel
Van Carrying $20 Million Worth of Hashish Goes Up in Smoke After Crash
Swizz Invades neighboring Country...By Mistake
Eviction Sets Off Riots In Denmark
Ex Federal Reserve Head Honcho upsets Global Markets twice this week with 1 word:Recession
'Be greedy when others are fearful,' Buffett says
looking for a younger successor
Buffett wants charities to spend fastoutlined a timetable$48bn donation deadline
Money can buy you love... of money
EMI’s Rejects Warner’s $4.1 Billion Bid as Inadequate
NYC fast-food chains pull calorie info a preemptive strike to avoid new rule
Max B's Pardoy(Lol)

Update on Pacman:Drug Dealers Are Terrible Character Witnesses

Friday, March 2, 2007

Ladies Night

Mariah Carey:
'I Can Only Sell My Lavish Home To A True Star'
Women's Hip Hop Panel - Seattle
Video of Trina Being a Stripping Hoe Before She Became a Rapping Hoe

Victoria Beckham To Do NBC Series

Cam doing HP Commercial,Timbo Hosting Clinton Fundraiser,Jay-Z to honor Flash & Furious 5,Bunch of Goodies

And Now A word From Our Sponsor:
Video: Cam’ron HP Commercial

Young Buck - Hold On (Feat. 50 Cent) (Produced By Dr. Dre) (Say Cam' Make Harlem Look Bad Riding Around the Pink Panther Mobile)

Radio Station Bails Bobby Brown Out...Then He Screws Them Over
Miss Jones disses Beyonce in a new song “upstage you”

Jay-Z to Induct Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Kanye West - Classic (Feat. Rakim, Nas & KRS-One) (Produced By DJ Premier)

Just Blaze TV: Jean Nelson is mad

Bizarre raps in Proof's memory at Tonights Show
The Game's Canadian Tour Cancelled Denied at the Border
Dude That Dropped Big Fase Speaks!!!

Big Fase "Game's. Brother" Knock Da Fucc Out! Exclusive

Big Fase Speaks On how He Got Knock Out

Tyrese Set To Heat Up The Stage This Spring
Nas maps out spring club tour

Kelis Wild'N In Miami Beach,Arrested 4 Hollerin @ Undercover Postitutes
Foxy, one more rap and it'll be jailhouse rock!
C-Murder Trial Postponed, Gag Order Eased
Diddy vs Diddy Legal Battle over Name
Timbaland To Host Fundraiser For Hillary Clinton
Scott Storch - Built Like Dat (Feat. Nox) (Timbaland Diss)

Akon Get the New Vibe Cover

N.O.R.E. Speaks On Jay-Z, Def Jam, New Album & Capone

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The WTF ? Edition

Mom too broke for daughter's gift wins $11m
Paris Hilton brags at Oscar after Party she made $1 million from her sex tape,
Man Brings Donkey, Handcuffs, Latex Suit to Hotel face Charges for Alleged Damages
Australian Man Charged With Having Sex With Dogs, Goats and Horses
41-Year-Old Man: 12-Year-Old Was My Girlfriend
Junior H.S Female Teacher Accused Of Sex With 5 Teenage Boys
Teacher accused of cutting Second-grader tongue for talking in Class
15 Students Charged After Fights Posted On YouTube
body shots blood

Senior body shots 7


100 Year Old Man Kicks Teenage Gang's Ass using 'Kung Fu'
Man charged with Felony for uploading movie
The Case of the Missing Movie
After Five-Week Girl Finally Stops Hiccuping
Girl's Parents Sue School Over Daughter's"That's so gay." Comment
Teen Dials AIDS Help Line, Gets Linked To Sex Line
U.N. chief Global Warming as Dangerous as War
Bin Laden Is Alive; Taliban Recruits Many Bombers, Mullah Says
Bush Press Secretary:‘I Don’t Know’ If Bin Laden Is The Leader Of Al Qaeda
Gems, al-Qaida and murder. Mystery over killing of Osama Bin Laden's friend
Man tries to run over Nun then tries Stabbing Cop who Saved by Shield
'Rocko' the Police Drug Dog's College Degree Challenged in Court In Drug Trial
Man shot by agents stashed drugs after he got immunity for 743 pounds of marijuana on the US Mexico Border
Multi-State Drug Bust Nets $45 Million in Drugs
DEA Target Salvia
While another Goverment AgencyNASA Advocating use of Duct Tape, Bungee Cords on Crazed Astronauts
Towers point to ancient Sun cult
The Reason February Has 28 Days:To Honor The Dead
Psychic Claim Lucille Ball said Ellen was her Grandma 2 lifetime ago
Oprah,Larry King Ellen are members of 'Secret' society
John Travolta says Scientology could have saved Anna Nicole

1897 Spacecraft Crashed In Aurora, Texas. Aliens Given Christian Burial

Court Dates

British Court Accuses Diddy of Breaching Name Agreement
Former Da Band Rapper Chopper Misses Court Date While In Jail For Separate Case
Foxy Brown Pleads Guilty To Violating Probation, Avoids Jail
Saigon Pleads Not Guilty To Harassing Ex-Girlfriend

Missing Cee-Lo Look-alike Jailed After Attempting 2 Sell Porn On Bus (Video)
Bobby Brown Free After He Pays $19,000 in LateChild Support
Nore speaks on his split from Def Jam, Jay and Capone
Beanie Segal Interview Talks Bout Jayz-Damon Dash- State P

Jadakiss Says Hes Takin Ova 07!, 50 Cent Shots, & Styles P:Bout to Sign to Big Homey(Jay-Z),new Lox Album due this Spring

Fabolous Kingdom Come freestyle from The Come Up DVD 13-14

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I think this gonna be my new anthem,so i dedicate this song to all yall other bloggers.
Swizz Beatz 'It's Me Bitches',you know the song he made Drunk

50 Baby Mama Drama:Bitch trying to get Rich
2000 Footage 50 Cent 1st ever Performance & Ja Rule Beef

G-unot Tony Yayo(lol) Let it be known Im a fan of Yayo but this shit type funny.

Bobby Brown Nearly Pass out Trying Perform At Club The Night before he was Arrested over Child Support
Pneumonia, Not Drugs, Killed Anna Nicole Smith
Eddie Murphy Not A 'Sore Loser' For Leaving Oscars
Game's Big Brother Fase Knocked the Fucked out For Bringing Spider Loc on His Block

Snoop Dogg: "Gangbangin' 101" (feat. Game)

Gun gangs use the web as a weapon
YWB - Younger Woolwich Boys

Hello to less privacy.Say Cheese Cheese
Microsoft: Google was 'Wake-up call'
City drops Tyra Banks ads from buses
NYC Moves To Ban The 'N-Word'

Houston Rappers vs. Detroit Rappers?

Lil Flip New Album Cover- I Need Mine in stores March 27th

Ugly Betty Rips Bush
During Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards, America Ferrera, who plays Betty on ABC's Ugly Betty sitcom, joked that America won't be free until 2008 when Bush is gone.Download or Listen

Pakistan Denies Bin Laden's In Country
Israel vows to face Iranian threat
New Light Shed on CIA's 'Black Site' Prisons
Mobster, 96, pleads guilty to rackets charge
Man Spends 2 Weeks On Floor After Fall
Granny finds grenade in groceries
Picassos Worth $66 Million Stolen

Jay & B still 2gutter,B may get hepatis A from Famous Chef,,And whole lot more

Ight Ya Need to help me spread the word on The Illest Newest Blog to hit the net, ya know i Bring that heat like no other so do me a solid and tell a friend to tell a friend to tell his enemie about this blog,i Want more hits so i could do it real big in 07.
Despite MediaFakeout Rumors,Hov & Bee together,this photo taken last night at Nets Game.

Could Beyonce Get Hepatitis from Wolfgang Puck?
Sex Sells:L.A Madam Who Had Playboy Bunnies & Porn Stars as Worker Naming Name In New Tell All Book
UNRELEASED Snoop Dogg/Neyo... heater!!!

Rihanna Gets Voice Lessons From Ne-Yo
Chris Brown & Ciara Host "Rip The Runway"
Ludacris Honored For Work With Runaways
FATHER OF LUDACRIS DIES IN ATLANTA: Rapper asks fans for privacy to grieve.
Diddy Macking & Smacking: Smack a dude for cock blocking when he was trying to be macking his fiance
Diddy admits that he's a world class 'slob'!
Janet Jackson Gets 'Married'
Mariah Carey Regrets Marrying Tommy Mottola, says doesn’t dress provocatively for attention, as in her head they aren’t sexy because she is “eternally 12”.Says She's in No Rush to Have Kids
Bobby Brown Remains In Jail, Ordered To Pay $19,000 In Child Support

DNA Will Be Collected From James Brown's Body for Paternity Test
Japan Wants To Rate Authenticity Of U.S. Sushi
Ice Cream Can Increase Risk Of Getting Pregnant
Woman accused of using Baby as down payment for Used Dodge
Woman get a Year for assaulting Nanny with Bag of Carrots
Naomi Campbell “Ashamed” Of Famous Bitch Fits
Naomi regrets hitting maid with phone
Redman Wants To Design Women's Shoes, To Open New Store
Streets Illest Rated Tru Life Interview w/Collin Park

Chamillionaire gets deep on his myspace page,talk bout the gift & curse of fame,CNN questioning is hip-hop poison or art.
Paul Wall Launches YouTube Reality Series

Ice Cube to Star in First Sunday
Scrorsese Oscar Inspiration: A Hong Kong Director
MTV Counts Down Top Ten Hip-Hop Greatest Groups
Film To Expose MTV, BET & VH1

Guy gets Real Newspaper To Run Fake Gucci Ad
Group calls Gore a Hyprocrite says his Mansion overuses electricity
Castro Says He Feels Energetic, Stronger
Husband Jacks other Pianist Recording To Put Dying Wife Name on Them
Life After Death for Authors:Posthumous novel becomes commercial hit
FBI reviews 100 civil rights-era cold case murdersNo indictment in Infamous 1955 Emmett Till slaying

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Beanie Sigel Working On "The Solution":Unusual Suspect include Eminem,Kid Rock,&Mos Def
Bishop Lamont More Controversial Than Eminem?
BigFase100 Responds To Altercation On Set of Spider Loc's Video Shoot
40 Cal: Waiting In The Wingsballerstatus interview
'Cops Will Cry' Graffiti Lists Police Officers' Names, Patrol Car Numbers
CNN's Africa correspondent Robbed in South Africa
Actor Decries British governmentCongo Nationals' Deportation
Prosecutors Prosecutors seek OK to create phony files
National I.D. - The only ones who have to worry about violations of privacy are the criminals, right?
Hugh Grant handcuffed by fan at premiere
2 Broke To Get outta Jail Card

Foxy Brown: I Was Dragged Half-Naked From Shop,Caught With Her Pants Down
Antonella Barba Friend: Racy pix not 'Idol' contestant
X-rated Antonella Barba Pics A Publicity Stunt?
O'Reilly - AI Antonella Barba and her internet photos

Daryl Hannah Attacks 'Pretty Woman'"degrading for the whole of womankind"
Butch Cassidy & Damizza Ready Hip-Hop Release
Project Pat Released From Sony Records
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - I Tried (Feat. Akon)

Rather than posting the terrible Scott Storch track dissing Timbaland that's doing the rounds at the moment - we prefer thisphone conversation with some guy called Gregory (The Gregsta, man!) calling up Scott and Hulk Hogan pretending to be Brooke Hogan's boyfriend. (mp3.) courtesy of spine
Eddie Murphy stormed out of the Oscars after losing the Best Supporting Actor award
Oscar Winner Was First MySpace Film User
'Harry Potter' Author Suing EBay
Norah Jones Obsesses About Sexy Shakira and would let her bandmate boyfriend bed the sexy Colombian.
ExHusband 3some W/Britney & Strippers
Paramedics Dash To Britney, Demands Entire Wing At Rehab Center
Naomi in Therapy and Seeking Forgiveness
Naomi’s New Iceberg AD

Snobby 'Lick my [BLEEP]" @ Paula Abdul Ruined Paris Birthday Party
Larry Birkhead -- Meet Dannielynn

Anna's Home Will Go to Highest Bidder

Monday, February 26, 2007

LIL WAYNE A SNITCH?, APOLOGIZES FOR "IM BETTER THAN JAY-Z "COMMENTS,Diddy & Misa talk bout them Justin Pics W/Hoochies,Timbo the King Vid,

XXL Calling out Lil Wayne A Snitch :Kissing & Telling his way to the top
XXl tries to find out how Lil wayne went from not mentioned at all to Top 10,and why he feel he deserve pole position.Also Lil Wayne Falls Back On His Comments About Being Better Than Jay-Z
You caused a bit of controversy a few months back when you were quoted in Complex magazine saying that you’re better than Jay-Z. How’d you go from “best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired” to being better than him?
I’m glad you brought that up, ’cause I wanna apologize to Jay and his family and friends, because I was asked that question and they put it in there like I was just feeling like, “Oh, you know what, nigga? I’m better than Jay!” They came at me like, “So you say you’re the best. Can you say that you’re better than everybody? Would you say you’re better than Jay?” I was like, “Yeah, nigga, I’m better than everybody!” But I’d like to throw that apology out there ’cause of whatever trouble I caused, I ain’t want that to happen.
Trick Daddy featuring Cash Money CEO Baby. It’s called “Tuck Ya Ice.

New Video Timbaland ft. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake(Song he disses Scott Storch)

Scott Storch Rapping & Dissing Timbaland :Timbaland has been taking shots at Scott Storch on the new single, “Give It 2 Me,” and his appearance on, “My Block Virginia,”so this is his reply:
Dr. Dre Confirms 'Detox' Collaborators50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, and Nas featured on new album
Paris Hilton Smokes a Joint in the Car

Cameron Diaz in a Bikini, Smoking a Joint, with Drew Barrymore, also in a Bikini

Britney covers Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab'. Well, not really. But this is pretty funny (mean, yes, but funny nonetheless)

Pope speaks out against "designer babies"
Man aged 107 forsakes sex for longevity
Money Talks:Kim K and Ray J sex tape on hold
The Source Magazine Faces Staffing Woes
Zomba Label Group Has Appointed Biggies Former Manager Mark PitsNew Urban President Working on Usher follow up to Confession and Chris Brown Sophmore

DIDDY’S EX DENIES CHILD SUPPORT RUMORS: Justin’s mama Misa Hylton-Brim says she’s NOT trying to increase her monthly payments.
MisaResponds To Justin’s Lap Dance Photos

Misa Hylton told Hot 97’s Miss Info:
The lapdance happened at a teen party in New Jersey. Neither Diddy nor Misa were there and do not condone the behavior at all. The security team that was with Justin that night has been fired because of their negligence.
Misa said: “It’s so crazy. These teens think that it’s nothing, like it’s dancing. But this is big problem for Justin. Real big. I don’t play that at all!”
thanks tomissinfo

Bobby Brown Arrested For Child Support
Bobby Brown -- Too Broke to Get Out of Jail?
Foxy Brown alleges police brutality
Jesse Jackson: ”Hollywood is All Day, All Night, All White”
Shawn, Marlon Wayans Win Worst Actor Awards
Beyonce & Jennifer Hudson OSCAR PERFORMANCE

Stuart Weitzmans DIAMOND Dream Shoe

At the OSCARS look for Anika Noni Rose (you know the one in DREAMGIRLS no one is talking about) who will be wearing these one of a kind Stewart Weitzman shoes including 1,420 brilliant Kwiat diamonds totaling over 30 carats set in platinum circles.
Farrakhan’s Reading List Includes Former President Jimmy Carter’s book; The Jewish A.D.L. Does Not Approve
Dutch politician doubts Muslim ministers' loyalty

Jay-Z "Virtual Life",Omillio ask why Jay not returning his call,Fab's "Diamonds" Drops Weezy for Jeezy,Jeezy unleashes USDA, YaYo goes in head first

Jay-Z To Scion Taking Advantage Of Virtual Community, 'Second Life' Maybe the reason he too busy to return calls.
Omillio Sparks calls out Jay-Z for giving him the run around and not accepting his calls
Freeway ex-group Ice City ain't feeling there comrade no more.

The Streets Illest Rated DVD:Freeway Freestyle

Young Jeezy And Corporate Thugz Forming A New Group USDA!!

Fablous says "Diamond" Video to blind viewers with the bling, Def Jam drops Weezy and put out Jeezy version instead due to industry politics,but Weezy & him still cool
Fabolous: Back II Burn Allhiphop interview
Unlike Buck Tony Yayo diving head in first with a laundy list of rappers he got beef with He gives his 50 Cents:"I feel like Cam'ron is a peon," he continued. "Let's ask the general public: When is the last time Cam'ron made a f---ing hit? It's time for these n---as to pay the piper."
"I don't believe Cam'ron, I don't believe Jim Jones, I don't believe Lil Wayne, I don't believe Baby, I don't believe Game and I don't believe Fat Joe,"
Confirm he yelled out "Booriiiiiiiing" during last year concert,Jim Jone trying to reach out but he ain't accepting his call.
It’s Not Unusual To Be Baalliiinnnn!!!1!

Head over to illroot for the first track off the new Jim Jones/Tom Jones mash-up mixtape ,no serious.
Max B EPK Part 1

Max B EPK Part 2

No Comment

Jazze Pha Hooks Up Unsigned Hype on New Interactive Website
Set to Launch Subscription Service in Atlanta With Content, M-Coupons and M-Tickets
T.I. Endorses New Mobile Phone Game
Timbaland Set To Appear At Wrestlemania 23
Clipse talk on getting beat from a young Timberland and Pharell, and beef with Jive & Wayne

Ludacris' Father Passes Away
Attorneys Prepare For C-Murder Retrial
New TVT Artist Twisted Black Sentenced To Three Concurrent 30-year Federal Prison Terms
Trina Appearance Interrupted By Gunshots, Seven People Wounded
School Says Tupac Tattoo Is No Class
Gym Class Heroes Alternative and Fergie, Gwen Stefani and Nelly Furtado Pop Hip-Hop taking over the New School
Rage Against The Machine Add More Shows and Bring Wu-Tang Along For The Ride
Guitar Licks For Hip Hop
From "American Idol" to "The Oscars," Jennifer Hudson Wins Coveted Award
Buju Banton Sweeps Nominations For 2007 International Reggae & World Music Awards

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Jay-Z Denies Omillio Sparks The Keys To The ROC Kingdom
Labels Dissed Timbaland?
Timbaland Presents Shock Value Cover Art

Tim and Jay in the Studio/ Jay, Flex / Inside the Mind of a Stalker:Jay is also supposed to appear on Timbaland's new album Shock Value in stores March 27. This is supposedly a clip of the song. Listen Here

Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland - Spoof

EPMD Back In Business
,Put Differences aside
MIMS' This Is Why I'm Hot is Fastest Growing for 3 Weeks
50 Cent "Before I Self Destruct" Album Cover?????

Jim Jones On Rap City:talks about Tru Life, Jay-Z, Rocafella and 50 Cent -- (BET's Rap City) (2-23-2007)

Maino performs with Lil Cease Chain On. Disses bunch of rappers,again.Gets that his angle

Beyonce Knowles May Get Half An OscarBEYONCE'S BUD LIGHTChris Brown joins Beyonce on Australian tour
While her "Irreplacable" writer Ne-Yo In The 'Know' On Sophomore Album
Blige & Furtado become agony aunts for MTV
Jennifer Lopez & Gwen Stefani to guest judge on American Idol
Muhammad Ali's daughter Laila Ali goes Dancing With The Stars
This man really wants Will Smith to win an Oscar
Spike Lee Wins Top Journalism Award For Katrina Doc
Far Right Christian Labors to Find ’08 Candidate
Farrakhan calls for impeachment of Bush

Sharpton's ancestors were slaves owned by a senator who once was a prominent defender of segregation
After 400 years, Virginia issues official apology for slavery
A white man's look at race and the hip-hop industry:A Shadow History of Hip Hop in White America
Racist Golfer who made racist remarks against Tiger Wood sues Wikipedia defamer
Sorority Evictions Raise Issue of Looks and Bias
A History Department Bans Citing Wikipedia as a Research Source
IRS urged to go after eBay sellers

Angelina Jolie is Greatest Sex Symbol ever beats out Marilyn Monroe
Pole Dancing Parties Catch On in Book Club Country
Her ex Billy Bob Thornton Says He Turned Down Spidey; Won't Wear Funny Hats
80's Actrees Found Guilty Of Kidnapping Husband W/her Nephew
Claws encounter with Joumana:Attacked woman after trailing Jason Kidd to her house in '05

Watch Britney Spears Attack the PAPARAZZI!!!

Britney's Bald Blog

Britney attempts suicide twice after going Bald
Britney Spears shedding more than her hairreportedly selling just purchased Beverly Hills home
Britney in rehab 'paradise'
Britney Dad 'Leave our sick little girl alone'
Stars Killed By Drugs
See what big-time stars are really like
Diddy Son,13,getting his swerve on w/Some Trifling Stank Hoes

Diddy Stares At Penelope’s Titties

Diddy not on Oscar A-list
Tone Loc’s son puts in work on high-school basketball team
Remember Sara Stokes?Sara Stokes is starting her career back after the horrible ending to Mtv's/Bad Boy Da Band

Obese boy could be taken away from his family
Governors Worry Over Money for Child Health Program
China bans 2 US-made peanut butter brands
Dr.Pepper Publicity Stunt Shuts down Boston Historic Cementery,1 month after Aqua Teen Fiasco
BitTorrent goes legit Goes to Work for Hollywood
'Jesus, Magdalene & son in Talpiot tomb'Has the DNA of Jesus Christ been found?