Friday, April 13, 2007


Group that exposed Imus angers conservatives
2 incidents expose America's racial sores
Are American advertisers being hypocritical in dumping Don Imus because of his racist remarks?

Right after Imus got fired from Tv & Radio. The Biggest KKK Forum "" hackedRealhiphopThey displayed kkk logos all of there board and racist pictures. If you go to's messageboard you will notice it is now suspended. To all hip hop sites our there be careful, This may just be the beginning of alot more online attacks from white groups speaking out on the alleged Imus incident.
Paraguay President's Joke Stirs Outrage
Condoleezza Rice :Imus Remarks are 'Disgusting',

Rutgers Basketball Team Accepts Imus' Apology
Don Imus becomes "political basketball" for Hillary & Obama,&The Balls in Clinton's Court

"Oh Say Can U See,"
Jennifer Hudson Belts Out Nat'l Anthem For Jackie Robinson Day
After Imus,Now NJ Ministers Going After Hip-Hop
John Gibson Thrashes Snoop Dogg for Attacking Imus

Study:Abstinence doesn't delay sex
Principal, Teacher Caught Having Sex On DVD
Black Cop Caught Having Sex in Patrol Car Claims Firing is Racially Bias
Detective in hot water for allowing inmate to have sex with his girlfriend
Church Pure Sex Billboard raising eyebrows
Youth Prison Sex Scandal:Principal & Ass. Superintendent Charge With Sexually Abusing Teenage Inmates
Mother Uses MySpace To Find Kidnappers To Get Her Son
Prison vs. Work
Woman sues boss's husband for 'negligent dancing' after he dropped her
Thou Shall Not...:Jail guard caught on video hitting Inmate with Bible
Unholy Coke:Italian Priest caught shipping himself Half-a-Kilo of Cocaine Gets 3 years
Prosecutors to go after California's 'Guru of Ganja' marijuana grower,despite Federal Judge urges to drop case
Police want to Stop Inmates from "fishing" drugs into Prison
U.S. Homeland Security bust Alberta Teens In Pepperoni Theft
KFC Worker & her Son Stage Robbery
Gunman apologizes while robbing store
How to scare bank robbers? Try smiling
Bank Robbers prosthetic leg falls off while trying to steal ATM
Eliot Ness plaque stolen from police HQ
Wife who Murder her Minister Husband :'My ugly came out'
America is becoming a nation of Interracial Marriage
Chilean divorce rising — laywers offer easy installment plan
People Living Longer in Poor Countries
Illegal immigrant Steals Identity to Hide 17 years of criminal activity
Anti-druken Efforts Aimed At Latino
Weird American Laws
Man Pays $335 Court Fee in PENNIES
Out of Touch Out of Mind Gulliani :Gallon of Milk is $1.50,,Loaf of Bread is $1.25
Bushes' 2006 tax bill: $186,378,IRS owes Cheney & Wife $ 50,000
"Girls Gone Wild" founder owes IRS Over $20 million
Dont dial the area code 809... or you be charged $2425 per-minute
Russia urges UK to extradite tycoon for coup
Top 10 Places to Get Free Books Part 1 and Part 2. Part 3
10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid

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