Monday, April 9, 2007


Some Jay Z fan wondered what Jay's life would be like if his son was in it.

Warning This Video Is Supposed to Be Dated,But Dam Tru Life Airing out Alotta mothafukkas who gonna be piss.
Video of Tru Life Dissin 50 Snoop & the Whole Westcoast

DMX:All West Coast Rappers Are Blunts & Low Riders,Lack Hardship,Only Respects Game
Nas Christianed Game Muder Game ,talks about Hustler Video w/ Nas &Game
Pre ILLMATIC Nas demo version of his classic "It Ain't Hard To Tell"
Man Wanted for Killing Alabama Rapper Arrested in Columbia
XXL - A Look Ahead To The Rotten Apple’s Next Generation:
The New New New New York
Jadakiss :New Lox Album On The Way,follow by another Kiss Album
Social worker charges $3.5 million in jewelry using The City Government Account
Akon Want to Beat Lil John for Guinness Book Records & be King of Bling Blingw/ 15 pound Chain & Retire
"I got this one piece that definitely will tear the whole game up; it covers my whole stomach. It's the continent of Africa and the diamonds actually light up... It's crazy. And the country where I'm from has a little lightbulb that constantly flashes. Mine weighs about 10-to-15 (pounds)... Once I show it off, I'm gonna auction it off and all the proceeds are going to go to my foundation."

Don Imus: ‘I’m a GOOD PERSON’ & "I Can't Win With "YOU PEOPLE"
DON IMUS REACTION SNOWBALLS: Sharpton, NABJ, Essence, Rutgers, NCAA, Najee Ali come down hard over jock’s ‘nappy headed hoes’ comment.

XXL says Jennifer Hudson = The New Aunt Jemima
High-ranking Black Mafia Family member “J-Bo” pleads guilty
Justin Timberlake Reignites Scott Storch Feud:Call him a "Bitch"
'J.R.' Rotem Dropped Britney After She Flashed Her Crotch:"Yes, Britney and I were dating, before the crotch-shot thing"
In 3rd Grade Kurt Russel Expected 1st Kiss from a older 13 year old & end up getting life time scar from being Stabbed

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