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Anna Playboy CoverGirl,Beyonce Has Best Booty,Guliani is "The GodFather",Hotel Guest Complain about Jessica Sex Screams,Ban50,& Alot of Beef

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Happy Easter from Dipset aka The Pink Bunnies

"On some G shit, Us & Cadberry are a perfect fit, we both specialize in smashin the streets with that sweetness" -Jim Jones.


1. "Carrots in My Basket" (featuring Freaky Zeaky)
2. "Fuck That Nigga The Easter Bunny"
3. "Peep This" (featuring Hell Rell)
4. "Put it in Her Basket"
5. "Egg That Bitch" (featuring Juelz Santana)
6. "Nose Candy " (featuring Lil Wayne)
7. "Emotionless (Purple Pink Easter Remix)"
8. "Bryds Fly on Easter" (featuring Paul Wall)
9. "Tru Lizzie Stole My Eggs"
10. "My Mazarati" (featuring Scott Storch & Rich Boy)
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NIKE chocolate Easter Dunks High,just dropped the Ester Dunks high Saturday

LeBron vs Stephon:The Sneaker Wars-Stephon:"I'd RATHER OWN than BE OWNED."
All Nike Shoes to be iPod-compatible

The music player stopped a 7.62 mm round from an insurgent's AK-47.
Ipod saves Soldier's Life
Jessica Simspon's Sex Screams Disturb Hotel Peace
Anna Nicole Smith Gave a Blow Job to a Magician in Vegas While Larry & Howard were feet away
Hugh Hefner DENIES Anna’s Family Request For HIS BURIAL PLOT Next to Marilyn
Anna Nicole Smith on Playboy May 2007 issue cover
Never Before Seen Anna Nicole Shots To Appear In Playboy Tribute

Three 6 Mafia As Guest Photographers For Playboy Magazine

Reggie Bush Not Banned from Playboy Mansion

Hewitt Pissed Off at Three 6 Mafia?Three 6 Kicked Out of Hollywood 4 Pissing On JLove Hewitt's Lawn
While Giuliani Defends Italian Heritage After Criticism for 'Godfather' Impersonation
Crowds appearing at Giuliani's campaign stops are beginning to wonder about his odd penchant for starting speeches with impressions of mafia Godfather Don Corleone -- a seemingly incongruent association with the image of the presidency he seeks.

Coca-cola Blocks Italian Film Release.
Pacman Whenit "Rains" it Pours
CBA Coach Fired for "Jews run Everything" Suing Writers & Newspaper for $ 5 Million over Printing Story
L.A Times On CBA Player Banned:"He isn’t an anti-Semite. He’s right" Jews Do Run Everything
50 called in-Cent-sitive:"Worry about the Je-Je-Je-Jew unit. They're the real goon squad"
AP piece on Chris Lighty
Top Legal aide of UK PM Tony Blair cleared ofSTEALING EmiNems PERSONAL GOVT FILE
DR DRE Opening The Vault of UNRELEASED Material Some Date Back To NWA For Retirement
Ice Cube and Chris Tucker to do Friday 4?
Ice Cube Visits'Best Damn Sports Show Period'
J.Lo's Album Really Tank? 1st week Sales 48,000 copies sold,Comes in at #10

"Blades" outpaces disappointing "Grindhouse"
Tarantino& Rodriguez ‘Grindhouse’ Bombs at Movie House
Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan pose naked

Rosario Dawson has the best tongue in the biz

Yayo smacks children, and 50 pushes women around

Game Releases Vida Guerra Diss TrackGame-”They Love It”
Nas Christianed Game Muder Game ,talks about Hustler Video w/ Nas &Game
50 Cent - Is This Love? / Get In My Car (feat. Tony Yayo & Young Hot Rod)

Cam tells Miss Jones he’s naming his album Courtesy Curtis

“New York” Going at Miss Jones. SHE’S A FAT, BITTER BITCH”

MISS NEW YORK v. MISS JONES: War of WordsListen to Miss Jones Hanging Up On New York
Well their two paths recently collided during an explosive telephone interview where Jones lambasted New York for lying about going to the tony Syracuse University. "Y'all bitches gonna learn," Jones, an alum, chided after abruptly hanging up the phone on her. "Y'all gonna stop calling up in here testing me."

G-Unit’s resident model Angel


It is my greatest pleasure to give back to you as you have given so much to me. The D-Cut jean line is a line of “Grown & Sexy” apparrell for the grown and sexy woman in you. I make no promises to any one particular build of woman, but to women of all shape, color and sizes that you will feel your sexiest ever in my new D-Cut jeans. This will be a timeless collection for women abroad. So I most humbly welcome you to the fashion world of “Deelishis”
And for all my plus size ladies out there, “D-Cut” Jeans are currently available in sizes 6-16, and sizes 18-24 will be available May 1st. For information on ordering “D-Cut” Jeans click here
Beyonce is The Best Booty Shaker Of 2007.

>Top 5 Stars With Hot Butts <
#1 Beyonce
#2 Shakira
#3 Ricky Martin
#4 Kylie
#5 Cheryl Cole

Beyonce Voted Worlds Best Booty Shaker 2007

J-Lo:"I couldn't ever be a size zero.I have a butt, I have boobs and I have a woman's curves.....It wouldn't work."
Models: Super Skinny vs Natural Curves

Lindsay Lohan dubbed LAZY LOHAN for revealing bra

The Bra Turns 100article

Kate Beckinsale WantsBig Breasts Like Queen Latifah
Sienna Miller Says "I Have Small Boobs And Cellulite"

GLAMOUR girl Kate Price to have her32G boob reduced after she gives birth
Video of Katie Price, aka Jordan early in her modeling career Pre Breast Enhancements

How big are Jordans boobs. You will have to watch the sex video for yourself. It’s a pop video by katie Price

Kelly Brook'sBritish Model/Actress natural accets a 'novelty' in Hollywood! in contrast to all the fake boobs in LASavior Of Big Busted Women
Jessica Alba Shows Off Her ASSets In the new film Good Luck Chuck

Paris Hilton's Ass Crack and Upskirt Photos
Jessica Alba Not Allowed Eye Contact with other Actors
Top 10 Celebrity Butterfaces
Ron Jeremy Could Face Charges For Grabbing A Girl's Nipples during autograph

You Can Be A Porn Star If You Have A Cell Phone
Porn Swap sparks missile defense system leak
Man Looted $3.6 million from from a government bank account City Account To Buy Porn
New Yorker bought jewelry using city bank account
IRS Employee Charged With Swindling $330,000 From Home Depot for Returning Stolen Goods
Economics Prof Claims Amnesia in Disappearance of $134M
School Official Investigate Who Charged $250 Worth of Porn Movie to Schools Cable T.V Account
Student Who Mooned Teacher Sues School
Canadian Principal who threw feces at boy may keep job
20 cm-thick of SHIT Breaks Chinese Woman Falls from 6th Floor
A 700-POUND (318 kg) WOMAN was rescued from from SECOND-FLOOR BATHROOM
High School Has100 Door Glued Shut By Prankster
14 YEAR-OLD Faces Terror Charge For "COLUMBINE-like" Plot
DayLight Saving Gets Boy Jailed for 12 days for Bomb Threat Call He Aint Made
Rare Genetic Condition of‘RAGE’ disease is to Blame for America's Most Infamous Family Feud
New Law Uganda Man Can't Cheat No More

Girl of Your Nightmare:Dickie County,North Dakota Woman Breaks Into House & Bites Boyfriend Nut's While He Asleep
Scooby Snacks: Husband ask Judge to Be easy on Wife after she Cuts off Penis,& It Eaten By Dog
Man Gets His Penis Caught in Saw Mill Machine

Diana Ross Son Causes Controversy,MPAA Accuse of Digitally Enhancing Front of Swimsuit Poster for Pride
Did You Know Janet Jackson Cooch Was Pierced?:Claim Nose Piercing Hurt More Than Puss
PussyCat Doll Judge Lil Kim Puts A Pricetag On Loyalty With New Book &is Hosting Online Celebrity Auction
Woman auctions all her stuff on eBay
Stevie Wonder Spends $37,375 to Buy Back His Own Grammy
Michael Jackson wants to sue over Memorabilia Up For Auction :
Among them: Jackson's gold record for Thriller; handwritten lyrics for the Jackson Five hit ''ABC'' and a test pressing of their song ''I Want You Back''; Marlon Jackson's glitter jacket; Randy Jackson's futuristic 1984 stage boots; a white fedora believed to be from Michael Jackson's ''Bad'' music video; and a Victory Tour program signed by Jackson family members. The items were reportedly owned by a luggage transportation company in Boca Raton, FL, which bought them last year from a New Jersey construction company owner who claimed a warehouse full of Jackson memorabilia after a failed business venture wound up in bankruptcy court
Anna Nicole Smith Self-Portrait Up For Sale On Auction Website eBay
Stevie Wonder Buys Back Stolen Grammy Award On eBay

Shyamali Nude Photo Helps Sanjaya Stay On American Idol Simon:If Sanjaya Wins I Will Quit Idol
Jay Leno blames India for Sanjaya's success
Nicolas Cage heads to INDIA for Next Movie
Indian Version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

10 Reasons (Besides Howard Stern) Why Sanjaya's Still On 'Idol'
Howard Stern Tries to Kill ‘American Idol’ With Kindness for a Weak Link
'Arab Idol' Contestant Captivates Nation In Despair
China's 'Idol' bans Tears, wild hair and unhealthy songs
Larry King wants Ryan Seacrest as his successor? WTF!
Larry King
"The Middle East Is Certainly more Important than Anna Nicole Smith"

Star Jones Interviews Beyonce On Larry King Live

Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4
Beyonce shot eight videos for B’Day in two weeks
Jay-Z wants to Settle Down But Beyonce Too Busy to Marry

Beyonce: A Response to Jay-Z

Flaws and All
“I neglect you when I'm working
When I need attention
I tend to nag
I'm a host of imperfection
And you see past all that
I'm a peasant by some standards
But in yo eyes I'm a queen

You see potential in all my flaws (ha ha ha uh uh)
And that's exactly what I mean

I don't know why you love me
And that's why I love you”
Jay-Z"Lost One":
“I don’t think it’s meant to be (B…)
For she loves her work more than she does me
And honestly at 23 I would probably love my work MORE than I did she
So we ain’t we, it’s me and her
Cause what she prefers over me is work
And that’s where we differ, so I have to give her
Free time…even if it hurts
So breathe, mami, it’s deserved
You’ve been put on this Earth to be all you can be like the Reserves
And me? My time in this army is served
So I have to allow she, HER, time to serve
The time’s now for her, in time she’ll mature
And maybe we can be we again, like we were
Finally, my time’s too short to share
And I ask her now it aint fair…
So yeah she lost one”
Did Ashanti & Nelly Break Up?
Jay-Z & Ne-Yo a @ Ne-Yo Album Listening Party

Ne-yo call in as Consultant On New Whitney Houston Album,; Wants To Scrap All Songs
Jay-Z stalker on Dr. Phil:

Jay-Z stalker on Dr. Phil Pt 2:

T.I. Opens Up With Hip Hop Weekly:
T.I. opens up to the weekly magazine discussing the personal situations with his personal life as well as his career. Tiny & T.I. have been through a lot and this miscarriage certainly was devastating for the two.Just click the pictures to read the scans.

Some Jay Z fan wondered what Jay's life would be like if his son was in it.


Jay-Z Rep On Child: 'There Is No Truth To These Ridiculous Rumors'
Diddy Clears Up Danity Kane Pregnancy Rumors, Aubrey "Was Playing With Y'all"

Diddy Twins Blinged Out
Aoki and Ming Lee Simmons Host Easter Party at Phat Farm Flagship Store in Soho.

Who's House?Russels House,which can be all yours for a mere $24 Million

PRICE: $23,888000
SIZE: 35,000 square feet, 10 bedrooms, 8 full and 3 half bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: This majestic palatial gated Estate is set on four lush landscaped park-like acres is the epitome of grand style living! The European Limestone Manor home features ten bedrooms, eight full and three half baths, approximately 35,000 square feet of timeless beauty, indoor and outdoor swimming pools with waterfalls, caves, Jacuzzi, cabana with bar, his and hers bathrooms, fabulous movie theater with ticket taker, popcorn machine, professional gymnasium, large wine cellar with sit down tasting area, separate catering kitchen, sophisticated security system with cameras and so much more!

Company in China Sends Racist Couch In "Niger Brown"To Black Family
Young Jeezy's Group USDA Deny White Girl Street Team, "We Don't Do Gimmicks Over Here"
Kayne Eyeing Sienna Miller:"That's a WHITE GIRL I would take to the MOSQUE"

On Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn’s Red Carpet choices:

“This is…no style whatsoever. Do you cut the tag off your jacket sleeve? Back when sports coats and jeans were acceptable I’d leave the arm tag on ‘cause I thought it was ‘hood, just like leaving stickers on New Eras today.”

Jude Law Vs Sienna's War of Words
Don Cheadle chided for atrocious 'terrible' English accent
American Idol 6 -Latin week Latin Song Suggestions For American Idol
Beyonce & J-Lo Crossover & Cross The Border To Sell to HALF A BILLION LATINOS
Jenny From The Block?:J-Lo Banned By Her Own People,"She Only Doing White PPL Stores
Macy Grays a Secret Nudist and She Blames Her Mama
Nudist Resorts Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?

XXL says Jennifer Hudson = The New Aunt Jemima

NCAA, Rutgers womens coach blast Imus
National Ass. Of Black Journalists : Don Imus Should Be Fired For"NAPPY HEADED HOES"
OMG Halle Berry Is Going To SHAVE HER HEAD BALD!

HALLE BERRY UPSET WITH SUICIDE STORY" It's 10 years old and I'm so past it."
Halle Berry Secretly Chats Online
Halle Berry makes out with the ground:Get Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Donald Keeps His Hair, Vince Goes Bald at WrestleMania XXIII
Trump bitch slapping Vince @ Press Confrence

Beyonce Mama Tina Gets Smacked By Fan

Ivanka Trump VS Paris Hilton:Say she aint nothing like the "Party girl",She works for her Money

Paris Hilton calls her fan“Whore”Video

Paris Hilton Threatens To Sue Blogger Over Parody Of “The Simple Life”

Kim Kardashian Crowned Princess In Las Vegas
Publicist Dishes On Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears Split

Apparently America’s favorite semen slurping socialites are no longer BFF. Former Kim Kardashian publicist Jonathan Jaxson is dishing the inside scoop on why the recently crowned porn starlet is no longer friends with Paris Hilton or Britney Spears.
Kim On Paris
The wannabe is Kim Kardashian, known as Paris Hilton’s former BFF. That is right, former. As this former gal-pal was tired of Paris Hilton’s ways and wanted her own spotlight. Kim claims to not have ever partied with drugs or alcohol, however I have pictures to prove otherwise. She claims that is all that Paris did and it got real old not only partying with her at all times, but being her ’sidekick.’

Most recently Kim was to attend several fashion shows for LA Fashion Week. I had a client attending several events and asked Kim if she were interested in attending and/or walking. Kim said ’sure!’ I booked several shows for her to attend and/or walk, with in the end being asked to ensure her that Paris Hilton would not be showing up to any of them. Kim had not spoken to Paris in three weeks at this time and didn’t want any sort of blow up in public.

While Kim was in NYC during Fashion Week, this past February, she spoke to me regarding the relationship she has with Paris and the fact she is trying to get away from her. She said she was scared that there will be a backlash when she is about to launch her own likeness.

Either way, Kim will never have the same power Ms. Hilton has. I doubt Paris Hilton’s life is hurting without Kim. It is amazing Paris has so much power in the Hollywood circle, especially over these budding socialites.

Kim On Brit

While in NYC during Fashion Week this past February, Kim also spoke in regard to her ties with Britney Spears. It was from Kim’s mouth that said Britney had her people contact Paris and say they couldn’t hang out anymore because Paris wasn’t good for her image.

Kim also spoke at the fact Britney Spears was in NYC and kept texting Kim to hangout and go bowling or something while in NYC. Kim declined as she was afraid Paris would get mad and the fact that she saw Britney get cocained up and heard of her screwing a guy in a nightclub bathroom.Source
Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have a thing for Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompas

'J.R.' Rotem Dropped Britney After She Flashed Her Crotch:"Yes,Britney and I were dating, before the crotch-shot thing"
Justin Timberlake Reignites Scott Storch Feud:Call him a "Bitch"
Bald Britney is going to be on CSI
Jennifer Lopez: I Feel 'So Sorry' For Britney Spears
Tori Amos :Britney Spear’s Rebelling Against Her “Pop Image”
Kevin Federline Hands Out Fake Money
Madonna Is Once Again In A Nude Painting
Manly Portrait Of Madonna Hits Britain

A ghastly potrait of Madonna and hubs Guy Ritchie went on sale in Britain last week. The horrid images are the work of renowned artist Peter Howson.
Not Everyone Loves Madonna

Graffiti on Giant Poster Advertising Madonna’s New Range for H&M at London, Great Britain

Ricky Martin defends gay musicians
Dave Geffen Most Powerful Gay

Disney Allows Gay Couples to “Live Happily Ever After,“ Too
:“Fairy Tale Wedding.“ for Gays

Madonna wanted Britney as lesbian sex slave

Shout out tostilllistentogangstamusic for the following links:
Here are some pretty funny anti Wayne sites.Kissssssssiiiiinn' Part 1Part 2
Lil Wayne and Birdman -You Ain't Know"

Lil Wayne increasing popularity
Chavez Alcohol Ban outrages Venezuelans
Geraldo Rivera vs. Bill O'Reilly: Over Illegal Mexican Drunk Driver Who Killed 2 Girls
Bill O’Rielly Wilds out on Geraldo

PETA Vs MC Karl Rove
College Student Block Karl Rove Car & Throw things At Him as He Exits
American University Students Protest at Karl Rove (1)

Pt 2 Pt 3
Bush Hits New Low WithApproval Ratings
Attacks on homeless soaring
America The Stupid:A Few Years, and Then Another Bush?
Ex Aide"I Lost Faith in Bush" My Way Or The Highway Thinking," John Kerry Was Right US Troop Should Come Home"
Gaddafi: Islam is the Only universal religion
Honk If You Support Jesus ... or Satan
Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel

Is God Real?
Top 20 Historical Myths
Jesus Myth - The Case Against Historical Christ
Catholic League On 6ft Chocolate Christ: "Lucky angry Christians don't react the way extremist Muslims do when they're offended,or else Would Have Heads Cut off"

"Nothing positive comes from Iraq, torn apart by continual slaughter as the civil population flees."Source
~ Pope Benedict XVI's Easter Sermon at the Vatican
Pope 'did not help girls sexually abused by priest'
Diocese Offers $95 Million To Settle Priest Sex Abuse Claims
Navy officer awarded $41M for priest's sex abuse
Minister Found Beaten to Death in Virginia Parsonage
The Preachers Wife Who Killed Her Husband to start Trial
Medical tech admits MOLESTING IRAQ WAR VET at Walter Reed
Bush Apologizes for Walter Reed promises to 'fix the problem' at Walter Reed "The system failed our troops"
USS Cole blast Mastermind says he was tortured/Saudi terror suspect says CIA tortured him
Australian at Guantànamo Convicted of Terrorism Charge
Australia at high risks of climate chaos: UN report
Lights Out in Sydney for Protest against excessive greenhouse gas emissions
Climate change ‘could create 200m refugees’
Federal judge allows global warming lawsuit to advance
Palestine Solidarity Call For Action Against G8: No Wars - No Walls
World Vision to G8: Keep Your Promise on Global AIDS
Breastfeeding alone cuts HIV risk
Taiwan Gov't Hopes These Scantily Clad Ladies Will Sell Safe Sex
Jerusalem Mayor Spied on Terrorists For MI5
Women at war: officially, American women can't serve in combat, but in Iraq and Afghanistan they're fighting--and dying--as never before
Moqtada al-Sadr accuses US the "GREAT EVIL" for creating violence in Iraq
Cheney pokes fun of Gore's High Electric Bill Being responsible for Global Warming
Cheney Reasserts Saddam Link to al-Qaida
British sailors, marines cash in on captivity in Iran:Faye Turney,Only Female sold her story to a British TV show for $197,000.Dean Harris sells his for $137,000
U.K. Bans Military From Talking to Media for Cash
Captain, officers charged in cruise ship sinking
Pilot Cursing Results In Flight Being Canceled

Travolta 'shaken' after making emergency landing in Ireland
Tom Cruise wants to DETOX September 11 emergency workers$100,000 a table Fund-raiser
Scientology Showdown: Dump Travolta, German Says
Town vs. Martha: Residents Hope 'Moxie' Can Win Trademark Fight
Quentin Tarantino on Jimmy Kimmel Live 4-5-07 shows the Doll

Bon Jovi gets all dolled up

Woman sues hospital for not detecting FLESH EATING infection that cause her to have all limbs amputated


3 Men Jailed For Using Teen's Head as A Bowling Ball
9-Month-Old Baby Ejected From Car During 110-Mph High Speed Chase , Killing Her
Death Row Inmate Who Killed 2 Kids Wants To Commit "Suicide by
Man Gets Jail Time for Abusing 7-month-old Puppy
Xzibit Teams With Arnold Schwarzenegger To Pimp A Ride,That's Eviormentally Friendly
Dad Wants Insurance Company to Foot the Bill for Daughter Wrecking Car In Cop High Speed Chase
No Screaming on The Screamer ,Neighbors make Amusement Park force Customer to Be Quiet
Some kid almost gets sucked out of his seat, while the women next to him, possibly his mother, is hysterical.

Caves Found on Mars: Best Hope for Finding Extraterrestrial Life on the Planet
American space 'nerd' blasts off
US Billionaire & Former Microsoft Exec Heads to Space Station
Oil CEO got more than $400 million in 2006
Mystery person Inherits 4.2 billion dollars from Hong Kong Riches Woman
Woman Wins $1 million Lotto Twice In as Many Years