Friday, April 13, 2007

Oliver Stone:“All niggers like Scarface.”,Suge Michael Jordan is Gay Conspiracy,& More Imus

Oliver Stone: “All niggers like Scarface.”According to Russell Simmons: Oliver Stone uses N word only when High
While According to Allison Samuels in her book 'Off the Record'
"Suge" Knight ("I didn't have the heart to tell him that not only would his crazy theory about Michael Jordan being gay not go into my story but it was probably the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard.")
For example, during a photoshoot, Snoop Doggy Dogg does a ‘gangbanger dance’:
With as stern a voice as I could muster, I calmly informed Snoop that this photo shoot was not for a hip-hop magazine, where there probably wouldn’t be a backlash. Also, I told him that in all likelihood his fellow Crip members would not see his shout-out, however thoughtful. He seemed to get the message, that is, until he began blowing marijuana rings into the camera, requiring another sideline meeting. Fortunately, he complied the second time as well, and the rest of the shoot went off without a hitch.Off The Record Review in the NY Times
Imus' Wife: Send All Hate Mail to Him
NJ Govt Involved in Hit & Run HEADED FOR RUTGERS, IMUS Meeting
Imus Meets With Rutgers Basketball Team
Biggest CelebrityDownFallsMark Foley, Ted Haggerty, Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, Britney Spears or Martha Stewart The Duke Boys ,& Imus
Brazilian celebrity takes down the reporter. I think he said something like "you're ruining my photo shoot"

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