Saturday, March 31, 2007


1st-grader Suspended for Paris Hilton CARTOON
Paris Hilton To Get Jail Time
Tragedy and Outrage: Two Lives Cut Short by a Speeding Cop?
Myspace's "Roccer Mom" Gets At Least 16 Months For Killing Daugther's Friend In DWI Crash
Mom Orders Daugthers,7 & 9,to Steal Dog
Teen Stabs & Beats Wheel Chair Bound Man With Bat To Death
Homeless beating

Two 10-Year-Olds Beat Homeless with Cinder Block

Most Lethal: Shark Or Falling Coconut?
Over 800 battled stone-throwing Arrested protesters ,38 Cops Hurt In Chile during Day of the Young
Students Walk Out Of Schools On Cesar Chavez Day
Newt Gingrich says Bilingual Education is 'Ghetto'
Italian becomes official language ... of Italy
Teachers Drop Holocaust, Crusades From History Lessons to Avoid Offending Children
Anti-Zionist Rabbi Who Attended Iran-Sponsored Holocaust Denial Conference Synagogue Burned DOwn
High times on the high seas?

Anheuser-Busch "Perfect drink for a child" has Parents & Alcohol Abuse Groups Worried
Toddler Tries To Drink Beer As Grandmother Watches
1 Too Many:College binge drinking death
Juan To Many:Study:Puerto Rican Kindergarten Kids Muy Gordo(Too Fat)
Kindergarten Girl Handcuffed, Arrested At Fla. School for "Acting Out" Chief of Police claim they did the right thing "was arrested regardless what the age"
Poor Behavior Is Linked to Time in Day Care
Day-care owner holds 32 schoolkids captive in bus

In this photo released by the Graham Police Department, a child can be seen sleeping on a bed beneath a gun rack inside T's Tots Day Care Home in Graham.
Police Raid:Guns, Marijuana Found at Daycare
Marijuana, the wonder drug
Herb Is ...In the Burb's
SHOTS FIRE: Gangs Shoot 3 People At A Nickelodeon Awards After-Party
Gym Light Bulbs Blamed for Sore Eyes

2 Visiting Teenage Boys Turn Them Self In & Admit To Setting Fame Hollywood Sign ABlaze200 Home Evacuated,Warner Studios
Cop named Ms. California sues department
Trace of a miracle: Impression left by Yong Jin Kim shows his weight was evenly distributed, which would have softened the impact.

Rescuers take Yong Jin Kim to an ambulance after the five-year-old plunged from a ninth-floor balcony of the building in the right rear of this photo. The boy suffered broken legs.
50 Took 9 Shots aint Nothing, 5 Year Old Falls Nine Stories And Survives, Leaves Crater is Something
Death of 10 month Old Baby href="">Scalded By Boiling Water While Sleeping Causes Outrage
Authorities Take Baby For Abuse proven to Be Injuries Incurred Before Birth ,Mother Aborts Second Baby Not To Risk Loosing That One Too
2 Brothers Missing Since Nov. Found DeadEncased in Ice
Sharks Bite 9-Year-Old Surfer
Neighborhood Ass. Sue GrandParents for RAISING 3YR Old GRANDKID in Retirement Home
Teenager Trade Family CAR FOR CRACK,Grand Pa Press Charges
Man Rob & Kill For Car,Breaks Down, KILLS ANOTHER for Next Car To See Brother SC Game

The Most Hated Family in America
Rabbi Can Still Use Bus As Passover Matzo Oven
This Family’s Hot Stuff
2 Girls admit trying to poison teacher with strawberry lip gloss.
April's Fool School:18 students fed laxative in doughnuts
Museum's list of Top April Fool's hoaxes

No. 4:Taco Bell Buys the Liberty Bell- In 1996, Taco Bell announced on the pages of the New York Times that it bought the Liberty Bell.
Constipation Drug Linked With Heart Risks
High School Students Filling Prescriptions

"911 Closed, Everyone at Doughnut Shop"

Small police department haven for police officersWith Criminal Records
High School student shoot himself, suffers gunshot wound in class
Veteran Cop Slips & Falls end upShooting Self Through Chest and Out His Arm
Teacher at Exclusive Manhattan Private School Convicted of Sodomy
White Teacher Indicted on Charges of Sex With 5 Black Boys,Some Black Want Stiffer Penalties
Cabbie Says He Was Stiffed on $8,200
Mexican Cabbies "BUSTED" for Showing Porno During Taxi RIde
Teachers among most in demand
Parents Protest HS Sex Newspaper
Michael Devlin:Sharing a Name with an Infamous Pedophile
Pedophile Has 'How-to' Web Site for Men
Internet Addressing Agency Nixes '.XXX' Porn Domain
'Sexy' Latina Site Entrepreneur Killed in Colombia
Cyberbullies scare schoolgirls into stripping online

Racy photos of High School student e-mailed
, and she’s expelled
Teens Used Mobile Phone to Film Rape of 12-Year-Old Girl
As Cheerleaders Soar Higher, So Does the Danger

Pompoms, Pyramids and Peril
Architect Claims to Solve Pyramid Secret
HIV Positive Dad gives 5 yrs Old daughter Gonorrhea gets 3 Years for sexual assault
Woman Killed in Houston Office Fire Planned to Testify the Next Day Against Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Her Daughter
Hate Your Job?:Woman Calls in Bomb Threat to Skip Work
UNICEF (India) Chief Accused of Attempted Rape Of Employee
The UNICEF India head was today accused of sexual harassment and attempted rape by a former employee of the same organisation. Additional commissioner of police (crime against women cell) Tajender Luthra said, “We have received a complaint and are examining it. In her complaint, 44-year-old Archana Pandey accused Cecilio Adorna of attempted rape. — UNI
Can a Person Be Guilty of Murder for Making a False Rape Accusation?

Boy Imprisoned for Multiple Rape is Freed A Year Later After DNA, Cops Claim He Threatened Girl Was A Lie,& Girl confess to sex w/ 2 other Men in 2 Hrs

Laywer: Drunk Teacher Sex With Boy Not Premeditated Cause He "WAS NOT UNDER HER CARE,SUPERVISION OR AUTHORITY" Like Other Teacher & She Was "Flattered" some one young Found Her Attractive
West African Soccer coach having sex with teenager in Car
Ugandan Lesbian Seeks U.S. Asylum,opens immigration door
Dominican Republic to Revoke Activist's Citizenship to Silence Her
Gunmen tried to rob Smugglers truck load of Drug , Kill 2 out of 23 Illegal Immigrants
2 dead in attack on migrants in Ariz.
Local Cops confront illegal immigrants
All Brazil Flights Suspended By Air Traffic Controllers Protesting Transfers
Lawsuits filed in Miami in Brazil crash
Lawsuits filed in Miami in Brazil crash
Flight Attendant Arrested for Boarding Plane With CONCEALED HANDGUN
Muslims Sue Airline & Passengers for Being Removed from Flight
Émigré From Iran Becomes U.S. Mayor
Politics As Usual/Cleaning Out The Closet: 3 Affairs & 200 K Gambling Debt Haunt the Death of Man Just Days Before He Became 1st Black Mayor of Mostly White Town

Dutch Tower over Americans
Amsterdam sold for $50,000


Head Of State:Infamous DC Madam Indicted, Releases Black Book Includes Politicians W/15,000 contacts To Press for Free After Federal Judge Bans Sale Now seeks Seeks $500,000 Federal Handout
NY mobsters used strip club for training: prosecutor
Giuliani Knew Kerik Was Mobbed Up
Giuliani: If Im President My Wife Can Attend Cabinet Meetings
E-Mail Shows MC Karl Rove’s Role in Fate of Prosecutors
N.Y. subway hero sues lawyer over contract
Crayola Stickers Plaster Pa. Town

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