Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vida Calls Game Gay,Kim says Eminem Feminine &"cries like A Little Girl",Trump Bitch Slap Vince,DIddy Claims He Does it for 30 Hrs,,Eve Talk Bout Sex

Vida Guerra : "The Game You're Gay!"
Vida Guerra visited Tha Goodfellas Radio Show on 93.5 KDAY in Los Angeles, attempting to blast back at The Game, who had earlier called her a "music video ho." Guerra remarked, "Wednesday is male strip night so I don't hear from Game" and "Don't know why you're texting me 'cause women ain't your preference."Audio
Vida Guerra Freestyle Disses Game "Goes Accapella on him"
Kim Back at it Tells Miss Jones:"Eminem he's crying like a little girl."" Pt. 1Pt.2

Trump B**ch-slaps Vince McMahon
Chris Brown Vs. Usher
Diddy Dont miss Touring he rather have :"TANTRIC SEX for at least 30 HRS"
EVE- sextape, to her white ex, to why her T.V show ended, Hip-Hop

On the sextape leak:
"I was hurt by it, but what kept me calm is the fact that it was my boyfriend. Not that I wanted people to see me having sex, but it wasn’t like I was getting gangbanged - that would have been crazy!"
On why ‘Eve’ was taken off the air:
There was a lot of politics going on at UPN with the black sitcoms and with Will Smith’s show [All of Us], so I had a feeling we weren’t coming back. There are no guarantees in television, and they don’t even give you a heads up. The show ended two seasons shy of syndication eligibility and was sold to TV One.
On the current state of Hip Hop and her future plans in the industry:
For me it all started with [D4L’s] ‘Laffy Taffy.’ When I first heard that song on the radio, I just knew it was a joke, but then I kept hearing it. Every artist has the right to do what they want, but I don’t believe in making that kind of music. It’s disposable.”

“Hip-hop is in cardiac arrest, but I think it’s revivable. it’s not that I’m so profound, rhyming about when Jesus came down or anything, but I take the time to sit down and make sure my words come together so they sound right and flow with the track. I think a lot of that is missing

Eventually, I want to completely move into moviemaking because it is a pretty stable life. Music is unfortunately, getting crazy. I mean, rock stars don’t even have longevity and music is just - hip-hop, especially - so…superficial.”

“There’s nothing special.
There’s not one hip-hop artist that I can say is special…There are some that are definitely better than others, and that’s my personal opinion, you know? But if I had a child, I wouldn’t let them watch TV, and I would not let them listen to the radio. As far as the videos go, and all that.. I just can’t.
Whats Beef?Man Hacks Journalist w/ Fake Last Blog Entry To Disgrace Her Legacy Hrs Before Death

McCain supports gay marriage on His MySpace':"PASSIONATE FEMALE LESBO".