Friday, March 30, 2007

Rhianna Choose to " Become Numb" to Having Sex W/Jay-Z ",Young Buck & Mannie Fresh Show Hova Down South Love,Clooney Million Dollar Challenge

RIHANNA on her and Jay-Z "I just ignore it and I'm numb to it."
Suga Mama

Suga Mama
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Beyonce Green Light

Green Light
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Beyonce Get Me Bodied Video

Beyonce - Freakum Dress Video

1.5 million dollar lawsuit against Beyonce dropped
RocaFella Singer Rell Arrested for Trafficing Drugs
Jaz O Appearing On A DVD Bout Hot 97 & All He Has To Talk About Is Jay Z

I don't know where this originated, but I'm hearing that my dude Sean P got a call from none other than Jay-Z. Yes, Sean P is finally getting his just due credit / respect / props! I don't know how this is going to work since he's from the same era as Redman and Method Man, but if its true, I'd be happy to hear him fire up the Def Jam roster a bit. Anyway, it was previously rumored that Steve Rifkind was looking to sign him, but if Jay and Steve are after Sean P, there is no reason why Shady can't throw their hat into the discussion.
Joe Budden:"Unforgiven Isn't On The Album",its sounded dated to me" Was totally wrong for having "Fuck Def Jam Shit",Contemplating Leaving
Down South Got Love for Jay-Z:
Mannie Fresh:"I just did a deal with Jay-Z," Signs With Def Jam,Working w/Nasaudio of Mannie in the studio talking about signing courtesy of smartenupnas
Buck Credits Jay-Z for Helping Him Switch Up His Hustle
Young Buck: Yeah, you're damn right: Jay-Z. I ain't ever had a chance to tell this nigga this shit, but he came through my city years ago, when I was a young nigga and I was putting it down in the streets real, real heavy. They were doing the Roc the Mic tour, the first one, I think...nah, the Hard Knock Life tour. They came to my city, I was in the club, I had a million niggas with “T.I.P Records” on, which stood for Totally Independent Productions. Homeboy didn't know who I was, but I guess he seen how niggas took to a young nigga and shit. He called me over there in the middle of his circle, and he's like, "I started Roc-a-fella by a bunch of my niggas together, my whole crew would wear T-shirts. Just keep doing what you doing, my nigga, and I'ma see you on top.” He would've had no idea that I am who I am today, and I see him to this day, and I done had a chance to be around Jigga like that at certain times, and I just don't say nothin. I don't know if he remembers, I doubt if he would remember, but he played a hell of an impact. I left that day like, “This nigga done pulled me out of all these people and said that.” That was like a little fuel for me, like, this shit can really happen. I was in the streets, trying to independently hustle that shit. At the time, it cost me $300 to press up 1,000 CDs, I sell them shits for $10 a piece. You do the math! I was slowing down from selling dope, from selling myself, and he caught me in that era. That shit was good bro, it gave a nigga more fuel.
Really good Young Buck interview

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Snoop Dogg May Reconcile $2 Mill Suit With Old Label Over Breach Of Contract
Snoop Dogg Tells Bill O'Reilly Suck My D***

Dr. Dre's Son Hood SurgeonSigns Record Deal W/JT The Bigga Figga's?
Calling All Cars :Warrant Issued for The Game's Arrest
Foxy Appears Before Fla. Judge vows to ‘Stand up and fight’ .Battery Charges
DJ Drama Speaks Out About Arrest: 'I Took The Fall For Hip-Hop'
George Clooney’s Million Dollar Challenge:'I Didn't Leak Huckabees Footage' of Directors Tantrum Video
Footage of Director Spazing On Old Actress,He Really Lets her Have it(lol)

Detained Marine apologizes on Iranian TV for trespassing