Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Diddy Demand $ 667 K In Freebies,50 angy over Media Implying He Connected to 14 yr Old Assault,Kayne New $7.2 Mill Home,Jacob Denied Moving Trial

Britney Goes to Church,Church Guard Pulls Gun On Photographer( Video)
America's Next Top Model Under Fire From Women's rights Groups For 'Crime Scene Victims'

Outcry over ANTM
America's Next Dead Model

Eddie Griffin crashes rare Ferrari Enzo :VIDEO
50 Cent Gets Angry Over Claims He Beats 14-Year-Olds
50 Cent May Sue Over Teen Assault Reports
Suge Knight Evicted, Rap-A-Lot Sues Death Row Over '2Face'
Jacob The Jeweler Lose Bid To Move Trial,Charge W/Launder $270 M Drug Money
Kanye West Purchases Home In Beverly Hills For $7.2 Million
Diddy Demands $ 667 K US /500K Euro of freebies for his party
WWE Signs Deal To Work With Timbaland,Promise Divas will help make the "hottest music video ever,"

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