Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Jay Z and Lebron James' First Annual Two Kings Dinner and Party At TAO

Can't Knock The Hustle

Kevin Liles brunch party

All Star Weekend Violence?
Hip_hop News in Cartoon Form
Tavis Smiley talks to Talib,KRS,Common,Nelly,LL & others on Hip-Hop & it's impact
Lupe Fiasco Interview

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Sunshine

Pharrell Links With Al Gore, Kevin Wall, Cameron Diaz To Combat Climate Crisis
Petition to Boycott Ludicrous
Eva Longoria, Tony Parker and 50 Cent 2007 NBA All-Star in Las Vegas vitaminwater Charity Poker Tournament

Despite offers cuurtis.com is not for sale

Czar Entertainment (Jimmy Henchmen/Game's Manager) and Czar World Entertainment Collide In Los Angeles
Meaning behind Black Wall Street
Young Buck Targeted By Police, Settles Beef With DJs
Busta Offered Plea Deal In Assault Case, May Avoid Jail Time
Imprisoned Texas Rapper Twisted Black Talks "Cocaine Rap" :"[Rappers] should watch what they say [on records]," he explains. "You could end up in a situation like I'm in.
smokingsection Uncut - Behind The Scenes Of Project Pat’s “Raised In The Projects” Video Shoot
Actual Poster for Samuel Jackson Latest Project

Black Snake Moan Trailer

New film of JFK motorcade discoveredWhile Canada Laywer May be hiding JFK Secrets
Mariah Carey Lands At JFK

Mariah Carey's Legs on eBay, Proceeds to Benefit the Fresh Air Fundopens London fashion storeVideo
Mariah Carey always wears high heels - even when swimming.Gets Confronted By Priest
Beyoncé Celebrates Black History Month With Blue-Eyed Baby

Speaking of kids Diddy Did me Wrong back in the news yesterday it was G-dep talking bout him getting done wrong now hisEx/ Baby Mama,Honey with the blond wig in the Jacuzzi in The Big Poppa video taking him to court saying $19,000-a-month child support aint' enough for Justin,the same one the restaraunt is named after.
Scary Spice Looking Scrary

Lunar New Year brings on a drove of lucky newborns:Year of The Pigs thought to be Lucky for Babies and Dads getting Laid
U.N. urged to take action on asteroid threat

Watch Anna Nicole Smith’s Hearing Live!

Some dude named Druken Stepfather got a hold of tara reid's phone number & left her a message

Europe Moves To Track Phone and Net Use
Wtf of the day (probably the entire month)? CHRIS Tucker dating soul singer India.Arie

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