Thursday, February 22, 2007

BEANIE VIOLATED,NYC Shuts Down Scores,Britney Back in Rehab 3rd time this week,Kev is Fed up get kids,Anna Bizare video,J-Lo a Scientologist?

Beanie Sigel "Bizzack" In Court For Violating Probation
Howard A.Stern & Lindsay favorite strip club Scores West, had its liquor license suspended for prostitution charges against four dancers and two managers
Third Time's The Charm. Britney Back In Rehab For Third Time In One Week
Britney Spears Gives In, Kevin Federline Has the Kids

Anna Nicole Smith wanted to be friends with Britney Spears
Anna Nicole Smith thought she was Marilyn Monroe
Extended Version Of The Crazy Anna Nicole Smith Clown Makeup Video

Perez Hilton Sued Over Topless Jennifer Aniston Pics

Tyra Banks discussing Katherine McPhee's rack on the February 27 episode of her show:
"I squeezed her boobs and they are real! They're jiggly and soft"

Red Gone Wild Interview @ AHHPt 1 & Pt 2
Polow Da Don:My boys would give me junk about it, but [the white girls'] head game is on a different level."
Saigon says he will lyrically destroy Prodigy and “beat him like a PiƱata”
40 Glocc Talk shit bout the Pink Bunnies

Young Buck - Get Buck

Bill Cosby vs. Tupac Shakur"In the book, ‘To Momma With Love,’ or something like that, he is so happy that he’s able to take money from selling cocaine and give the money to his mother," Cosby said.
"How wonderful. Isn’t that wonderful. You’ve got to be kidding. How many lives have you ruined selling packets? How many mothers are not going to go to work because they want to snort? How many dead mothers because of crack, how many babies we got to make turn around because they are crack babies?"

CNN Examines Hip-Hop's Impact
On Society In Hour Long Special
Obama's candidacy debates :Is he African American if his roots don't include slavery?
Hollywood Disses Clinton For ObamaGentle jabs turn to punches for Clinton, Obama
The Next Senator From New York, Bill Clinton?
Senator Tim Johnson’s,the tie-breaking Democrat who suffered a heart attack is out of the hospital,Chenney should be running scare
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Losing Their Religion,May Become Scientologists
L. Ron's Angels

The holy trinity of thetans hammed it up for Scientology's 'Citizens Commission on Human Rights' awards banquet, which highlighted "psycho-pharmaceutical whistleblowers" this year.
Kelly Osbourne cries over HIV diagnosis

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