Sunday, February 18, 2007

FOXY BOUT TO GET SUED BOTH JAMIE & ILL NANA,White Bitches mad @ B over SI Cover, and a whole lotta mess

Al Sharpton & Christina Throwing up The Roc sign

Tim Hardaway's car wash changes name after ''I hate'' scandal

Salon Owner: Pay Up Foxy
Stylist to Jamie Foxx: Show Me The Money!
Mixtape:Hip-Hop Outlaw

Kiss Tyra's (Virtual) Fat Ass!

"Naked neighbor"
story reignites debate over public nudity laws
Reporter Takes Off Skirt to Attack Bee
Why British women go off sex (unlike the French and Germans)
Shout out to Rhianna who turn 19 today.

Beyonce Solange & Christina

Beyonce & Christina

Word is Models Pissed With Beyonce’s Sports Illustrated Cover say she shouldn't be on cause it not fair that she ain't a model and it is an insult to the entire industry.

Beyonce concert ad blastedCANCER experts wanted it banned for promoting smoking.
Reason you should smoke=Impotence

Impotency - video powered by Metacafe

Britain's 12-year-old alcoholics
Drug rape myth exposed as study reveals binge drinking is to blame
Marines rape 14 year old Girl and Murder her family
The 10 Worst Presidents
Obama and UK's Weed Smoking Cameron are test runs for a new world
Hillary Clinton: "If you want a candidate who acknowledges that the Iraq War was a mistake, vote for someone else."
50 Most Loathsome People in America
Obama Wouldn't Be First Black President

Obama can do math, Austria Pm who dissed him can't

What Would George W Bush Do?
Tonya Cooley starring in Soft porn movie “Lost in Ecstasy”
Man enjoying a porn movie in the comfort of his own home alarmed when neighbor with sword kicks down his door and demands to know where the girl is
Man sues IBM over firing, says he's an Internet sex addict because of traumatic stress in Vietnam in 1969
Mother of 3 gets 2 years for "launching" supersized "McMissle" cup of soda at another car - husband is serving 3rd Iraq tour
US Immigration debate gone too far. Letter to 10yr old in Mexico: "thanks for not being one of those illegals"
With One 4 letter Word, Children’s Book Sets Off Uproar
Funny German ad advocating education
Rich Suburban Kids Have More Mental And Drug Problems Than Inner-City Kids
Professor denounces hip-hop:Calls it an ‘illness’; city group greets him with original rap song
Students offer varied opinions in debate over Ludacris' lyrics
Steve Jobs: American schools "have become unionized in the worst possible way"
Bill Gates Vs Steve Jobs Animation (Video)

The Old Guard Flexes Its Muscles (While It Still Can) :youtube vs. viacom
When more than 90% of the labor force isn't unionized, why do 97% of us earn above minimum wage?
Getting Rich off Those Who Work for Free
Big Issue Magazine Founder and Ex Homeless says the only 'cure' for homeless people is treatment in mental hospitals
women sold their kidneys to escape the presures of loan sharks after 2004 tsunami
Hunger Kills 18,000 Kids Each Day
Jazz/Hip Hop Catholic Priest Returns

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