Thursday, March 1, 2007

The WTF ? Edition

Mom too broke for daughter's gift wins $11m
Paris Hilton brags at Oscar after Party she made $1 million from her sex tape,
Man Brings Donkey, Handcuffs, Latex Suit to Hotel face Charges for Alleged Damages
Australian Man Charged With Having Sex With Dogs, Goats and Horses
41-Year-Old Man: 12-Year-Old Was My Girlfriend
Junior H.S Female Teacher Accused Of Sex With 5 Teenage Boys
Teacher accused of cutting Second-grader tongue for talking in Class
15 Students Charged After Fights Posted On YouTube
body shots blood

Senior body shots 7


100 Year Old Man Kicks Teenage Gang's Ass using 'Kung Fu'
Man charged with Felony for uploading movie
The Case of the Missing Movie
After Five-Week Girl Finally Stops Hiccuping
Girl's Parents Sue School Over Daughter's"That's so gay." Comment
Teen Dials AIDS Help Line, Gets Linked To Sex Line
U.N. chief Global Warming as Dangerous as War
Bin Laden Is Alive; Taliban Recruits Many Bombers, Mullah Says
Bush Press Secretary:‘I Don’t Know’ If Bin Laden Is The Leader Of Al Qaeda
Gems, al-Qaida and murder. Mystery over killing of Osama Bin Laden's friend
Man tries to run over Nun then tries Stabbing Cop who Saved by Shield
'Rocko' the Police Drug Dog's College Degree Challenged in Court In Drug Trial
Man shot by agents stashed drugs after he got immunity for 743 pounds of marijuana on the US Mexico Border
Multi-State Drug Bust Nets $45 Million in Drugs
DEA Target Salvia
While another Goverment AgencyNASA Advocating use of Duct Tape, Bungee Cords on Crazed Astronauts
Towers point to ancient Sun cult
The Reason February Has 28 Days:To Honor The Dead
Psychic Claim Lucille Ball said Ellen was her Grandma 2 lifetime ago
Oprah,Larry King Ellen are members of 'Secret' society
John Travolta says Scientology could have saved Anna Nicole

1897 Spacecraft Crashed In Aurora, Texas. Aliens Given Christian Burial

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