Saturday, March 3, 2007


Latest Parody Joking on Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Akon & Lil Wayne

Study: 27% of women have HPV teens and yound adult hight at risk
Pol: Flashers should be listed as sex offenders
Giuliani Son Not Feeling His Dad,rather play Golf,Got Beef w/His Dad New wife:"a little problem that exists between me & his wife,”
Dem Party boss outrage over Reporter Calling Jonh Edward a Faggot
Sex change gets City manager fired from $140,000-a-year job
He-She forcing NYC to Pay for Sex Change Operation
`He` frogs change into `she` frogs due to pollutants
Jewish School Learns It Rented S& M House To Dominatrix
46-year-old woman arrested for running money for sex operation Upscale Brother w/Website
Woman Accused of Running D.C.-Area Prostitution Ring May Sell Client List to Fund Defense
Japan's prime minister denies responsibility for making Foreign Women Loveslaves
When Women Are Property: Husband Sells Wife's Kidney to Buy Tractor and Girl "Lost" in Poker Game
Special Ed Students Make Porn Film Between Classes
Prior to Student StabbingClassmate to death ,therapist had previously confiscated & return knife at the end of the day
Dad and Grandpop beat up principal over grades
Ex-cop gets state time for affair with 16 year old Girl
Cop sues Victoria's Secret for 2 million Over Bikini
Kidnapped Teenager Frees Himself with Saftey Pin, Describes Suspect
11-Year-Old Girl Stops Car After Mother Passes Out at Wheel
Van Carrying $20 Million Worth of Hashish Goes Up in Smoke After Crash
Swizz Invades neighboring Country...By Mistake
Eviction Sets Off Riots In Denmark
Ex Federal Reserve Head Honcho upsets Global Markets twice this week with 1 word:Recession
'Be greedy when others are fearful,' Buffett says
looking for a younger successor
Buffett wants charities to spend fastoutlined a timetable$48bn donation deadline
Money can buy you love... of money
EMI’s Rejects Warner’s $4.1 Billion Bid as Inadequate
NYC fast-food chains pull calorie info a preemptive strike to avoid new rule
Max B's Pardoy(Lol)

Update on Pacman:Drug Dealers Are Terrible Character Witnesses

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