Monday, April 23, 2007


Fourteen year old Trini girl Blames Hip-Hop For AkoN Dry Humping her
New York Imus:Black Female Cops Claim Superiors CallT hem "Nappy-Headed Ho."
Nappy-head: The Real Remedy
Common Issues Apology to Duke Lacrosse Players
Barack Obama Hates Hip Hop?
So So Def PrezSpeaks Imus,Hip-Hop & Porn
compares porn to Hip Hop on his MySpace page. Even worse, he typed this type ridden rant in all CAPS LOCKS.
Russell on Obscene Lyrics: Bleep That Shit Out
excerpts from Russel Simmon new book “Do you!”:
Grafh Interviewc
Sports columnist who gained nationwide attention by speaking out against the actions of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson
JASON WHITLOCK INTERVIEWS FOR IMUS JOB: Plus, CBS fires producer McGuirk and sues Calif. station for airing reruns..
PACMAN’ JONES BUYS FULL-PAGE AD TO ADDRESS TEAM: Tennessee Titan promises to regain trust of his teammates and fans.
Beanie Sigel XXL Interview
Beanie Sigel The Solution Preview
Mixtape Monday:Graf Gets Personal,Hova"Get His Andre 3000 on",Beanie Want Em
50_cent_tim_westwood_interview.:Break DownAudio
Ghostface To Headline Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival In June
GHOSTFACE, TUPAC TARGET OF LAWSUIT OVER SAMPLE: R&B/Jazz singer Esther Williams says she’s owed $10 million.
J. Lo Gets $50,000 a Minute for Bday Party
Spider-Man 3: $500 Million Movie?
Vida Guerra Attends “Kiss And Tell” Party At The Playboy Mansion

Cassie Naked In Allure Magazine

Chris Rock's Alleged Baby Mama a Fraud
Chevy Chase reveals childhood abuse
Britney Spears to her kids: You bore me, yall!

Shanna Moakler to Paris & Lindsay: I Got Your Number!
Cop Killer Got Joe Francis Shooked in Jail

NY Governor Elliot Spitzer tries to get Sanjaya’s autograph, is turned away