Saturday, March 24, 2007

Clive to Whitney:Either Drops Ray J or Gets Dropped,Dash,Timb & Beyonce Honored,New Scott Storch Dis Vid,50 vs Game Celebrity Deathmatch

Clive Davis Gives Whitney Ultimatium:Either Drop Ray J or I'll Drop You

K-Fed has his own K-Fed branded search engine.
Search with Kevin,No Serious
Damon Dash Logs Online…
Dash Way of Balancing Work With Personal Time & He wont stop till he can get a whole year vacation instead of two week
The New Dame Dash Dance@ Fashion Event in NYC

Damon Dash & Timbaland on DETAILS' 2007 List of Mavericks

D.O.E. - Piano Man (Scott Storch Diss) (Produced By Timbaland)

Beyonce Receives Global Achievement Award for Economic Empowerment
In Related news Beyonce reunites with Destiny's Child, and sister Solange in the Get Me Bodied video clip from B-Day

Celebrity Deathmatch: 50 Cent vs. The Game