Friday, March 23, 2007

Beyonce & Jay-Z Expecting 1st Child,T.I & Tiny Have Miscarriage, Is It Ova for Hova @ Def Jam,,Rosie Says Jigga Pulled A "Bitch Move",Beanie Back

Beyonce & Jay-Z Expecting First Child;Marriage Possibly before baby...

Jay-Z & Beyonce still crazy in love on Mexico trip

Snoop Dogg - Boss' Life (Feat. Nate Dogg)

Snoop and Diddy Are Losers
Video From The Snoop & Diddy European Tour

Def Jam Sound Scamming Case Dismissed
Beanie Sigel Returns to The Roc,Plans To Go to War for Jay & Air Out Dipset AUDIO
Is the R.O.C the ’96 BULLS?
Is The R.O.C the best team on paper today? After B-Sigel announced that he’s back w/ the Team, I couldn’t help, I had to draw some comparison to another G,O.A.T team; The ’96 BULLS.
There’s a reason why they won 72 games and only lost 10,...if there’s ever an NBA dream team, the ’96 bulls were it.
Now Back to the Roc, and my ’96 Bulls analogy.

1.Jay as MJ :both Came back out of retirement for the last few games in time for the Playoffs, had a good run but had many doubters, so came back for a full year silenced the critics & got the title back. So expect Jay’s next album to blow you haters off the roof.

2. B.Sigel as Scottie : both felt they didn’t get love when MJ/Jay retired, was counted out, but they impressed us (Scottie was MVP of the All star Game in his 1st year w/out Mike, Beans’ last Album went Platinum even though it was realeased on DDMG).They felt they had to more then the should, take the last shot blazay, blazay, but When MJ came back full time, he re committed to the team concept. Now all I can say is Look out for the “Solution”

3. M. Bleek as Toni K : both coming off the bench, six man of the year nominee, their hunger have been questioned at times, but once MJ showed he believed in him, the boy was match-up night mare, he can back you down the block, drop a 3 or beat you to the basket, you don’t know what you getting. Look out for Bleek to erupt on his Next album, he will exceed expectations.

4. Tru Life as Denis Rodman : both are Excellent defenders, very unpredictable & close to a time bomb. Any night they could kick a camera man in the nuts, or in Tru york’s case, snatch your Favorite rappers Chain like Denis pulled down rebounds. I just don’t know what to expect from Tru Life’s Album, but trust me it will move’s Tru York

5. Kanye as Ron Harper : both are kown as the Maestro of the orchestra, from running the point, to distributing the shine, in Kanye’s case supplying the beats to his ROC mates. Kanye is album is def. blowing the competition, don’t expect him to jump in the dip set fiasco, but only time will tell.

Here we have it, the pivotal character of the ’96 Bulls, they had a a good Supporting Cast : Randy Brown, Steve Kerr, Luc Longley etc, same as w/ the R.O.C in FreeWay, young Gunaz, Uncle Murda etc
O.Sparks: "Jay has left me no choice but to tell the truth about what’s going on"
Rosie Perez Says Jay-Z Pulled A "Bitch Move"

As for Jigga she said that back when he was beefing with Nasir she thought he pulled a “bitch move” when he attacked his baby’s mama in “Super Ugly.” Subsequently cats were telling her that Jay was gonna have her shot. LOL. But as she recognized herself, Jigger’s a grown ass man and will hurt a woman, at least I think. Check the video to see how it turned out.

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