Friday, February 16, 2007

6th Degrees of Big L

All these people either had direct link to Big L like Jay-Z use to hang around him even going to Strech & Bobbito for the classic freestyle session,other like Cam was his goffers and his dip set are a off spring off his Harlem World movement.
Yesterday marks the seventh year since the passing of one of the most under rated Greatest mc period. R.I.P Big L

Big L - MVP (Summer Smooth Mix)

Big L Can’t Forget About pays tribute to one of Harlem’s greatest.
139th and Lenox Loves Big L
RIP: The Father of ‘Two Turntables & A Microphone’
Podcast: Rapper Peedi Crakk aka Peedi Peedi
Memphis Bleek: The Misunderstanding Part One & Two talk about was Bleek strap w/ 65 k in Book Bag for Jay Vs Big L Back in the Days,L refuses

Foxy Brown is currently in Miami working on her long awaited album Black Roses.... She is pictured here at a party for r&b group Pretty Ricky...
Rapper Foxy Brown arrested for violence
Jay-z Featured in NEW Rocawear Ad ("Im Cozy Comfy Humpry Bogart")

Cam'ron Stepping up his Entrepreneurial Endeavors Open New Line of CamPons vs
Cam Being Questioned By Cops?
“Somebody called Cam’s probation officer and told him that Cam had put a hit out on 50 Cent. Cam was then told to come down and talk to the probation officer–or face arrest. When Cam arrived to speak with probation officer, he was told that they had seen the ‘Cuurtis’ video as well as 50’s video about Cam. Cam was also asked about Supreme: ‘How do you know Supreme?’ Cam said that he did not know Supreme but that Supreme is a stand-up guy and 50 should not have been laughing at him on Hot 97. At the end of the interview, Cam stressed that the Diplomats ain’t got no beef with G-Unit. This is just music.”
Camron Interview during the making of the Curtis Video.EXCLUSIVECAST.COM
Jim Jones "Emotionless" Video Shoot: Freekey Zekey and Juelz Santana show support for Capo but no show for Cams Curtiiiiiiiis"

Freekey Zekey So Harlem Pt. 1The Dipset president sheds a little light on the current status of his crew.
50 Cent - 38th NAACP Award Nominees at Beverly Hills Hotel - Februay 10th 2007

50 makes another video - LOL

“Nobody Likes Me…But That’s Ok…” Curtissssssss’ History Of Beef: Part 1 of 2
Prodigy doesn't like Saigon, says F*ck Nas
Nas on David Letterman MSN Nas Concert (Half an Hour of Footage)

Kelis:"Beyonce Stole My Style"

Matthew Knowles refused to watch... Beyonce's Revealing Sports Illustrated Cover Photo shoot
Talking about Beef 10 percent of the U.S. population has flipped burgers some former Mc Donald Employees Include Shania Twain, Sharon Stone, Jay Leno,'s Jeff Bezos,and Pink

Rapper Foxy Brown arrested for violence

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