Sunday, March 4, 2007


Jay-Z Million Dollar Baby?Been Heard it when it 1st hit the net didnt really wanna touch it but it fit the post so ya know i gotta do it....

Head over to
She Down graded and Now dates B2Gay Dude.. Go Figure guess time is really that bad.. huh? Bossip
for complete coverage

Upgrade You (Lol)

Stern to Birkhead: I Own You, and Your Little Girl Too
While Diddy Shave his Pubic Hair & 28 hours Sex Session?
Special Delivery:Kayne Flying in Curry From England $3,900, Story:Priceless
$90 a bottle ‘Bling’ water
Foxy banned from Juniors Cheapskate on Cheesecake Tab,Repeatedly Walks Out Without Paying.Then get another close encounter with the cops getting caught for Illegally Parking
Crazed Fans Pay $3,500 for 30 Seconds With Michael Jackson
O'Jays member: I was 'stabbed in the back'
Redstone Wants to Mend Ties With Cruise
Bush & Friend FirIng Prosecutors With No Explanation
Cherokee Nation Votes to Expel Slaves' Descendants
Attention Masochists: IRS Audit Guaranteed!
Shiest Bubz Admits The Chains Were Stolen

Tru Life Speaks About The ChainsExposes Jim Jones Again

Dude Tries To Snatch Beenie Man Rolex & Gets Chased Down

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